Important Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Crepe Maker

Crepes are
the favourite dessert choice for a number of people. These are also easily made
and can be presented in a variety of ways. Different methods are used to create
crepes and you can use a wide variety of fillings to customize your crepe to
your liking.

If you want a crepe in London,
there are a lot of restaurants and hotels that offer crepe as a regular dessert
on their menu. These can be both hand-made or made using a crepe maker. If you
are yourself a crepe maker or a restaurant/hotel owner, then a crepe maker can
be a great choice for you.

When looking
to purchase a crepe maker, there are a few essential things that you must look
out for. Choosing the right crepe maker can not only save you money, but also
help you cook a wide variety of crepe recipes and make efficient use of your
kitchen use.

Single or Dual Versions

Whether you want a single or dual crepe maker unit
is highly dependent on your application and crepe production. If you have
enough free space and high demand of crepe each day, a dual unit will work the
best for you as you can continuously produce crepes. On the other hand, a
single crepe maker can be the right choice for you if you serve only a limited
number of crepes each day, as it will also save you some space in your already
packed kitchen.

Temperature Range

Crepe makers
come in the different temperature ranges. The usual range for commercial crepe
makers is between 120-575
°F. Different crepe
recipes require different cooking temperatures, which means that a crepe maker
with a good temperature range is able to make a wide variety of crepe recipes.


Standard size for commercial crepe maker unit is 15¾” or 16”. There are smaller sizes
available, such as 13” or larger sizes depending upon your kitchen
requirements. These can be found in the stores and may have different
functions/temperature ranges.

Cooking Surface

commercial crepe makers come with a cast iron griddle or a cooking surface.
This is due to the fact that cast iron heats more evenly and consistently than
steel or aluminum alloys. This allows for better cooking of specialty crepes
and can also last a very long time with proper care. Some crepe makers also
come with non-stick griddle plates, which can be great for light applications
where you do not want to put time and effort into season crepe’s maker griddle

Gas or Electric

There are
both gas-operated and electrically operated crepe makers in production.
Choosing one is a matter of personal preference as each of these has its own
advantages. For example, a gas-operated crepe maker heats up faster offering
increased productivity and profitability; however, it requires a gas line
making it less portable. On the other hand, electrically operated units are
more energy efficient in the long run and can be plugged in anywhere making
them more portable.

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