3 Unforgettable Art Stops in New York

New York is the capital of art and culture that offers visitors unmatched cultural richness in every single corner they turn. The state’s love for the arts is expressed on sidewalks, museums, storefronts, theaters, and parks. Everything is cool and urban, there are even small street or park stylish weddings that are the piece of art by themselves, with unique dress codes and themes. In order to experience this diversity, you need to use every available tool at your disposal to uncover the unforgettable art stops in New York – including this list.

With New York City spending more on arts and culture than any other American city, it makes sense that there’s something special about New York’s art scene. In order to get to the gist of NY’s special art world, here are three unforgettable art stops that you should definitely make when in the area.

1. Performing Arts in New York

New York features a performing arts scene that is second to none other in the entire world, with Broadway taking home the crown. Other iconic performance spaces include the Apollo Theater, Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Arena, and Beacon Theater. Do not forget about legendary jazz clubs in the area like The Blue Note.
One of the outstanding things about the New York State is that it’s home to numerous high-quality venues for performance art. From Chautauqua Institution in the west to Long Island’s Tilles Center for Performing Arts, the options are virtually endless.
If you are into dance and performances in all types of arts, make sure you check out The Performing Arts Center. You may also be lucky enough to catch glimpses of Fosse’s All That Jazz scenes as they are filmed here. Plus a chance to bump into celebrated artists like Itzhak Perlman, YoYo Ma, and Dave Brubeck; as well as chances to view award-winning rehearsals before they make their way to Broadway.
The Rhinebeck Center for Performing Arts is intentionally designed to blend into the Hudson Valley surroundings while paying homage to the summer stock. All year round, the red barn offers visitors an unusual mix of Broadway classics and newer arts that focus on the youth. For pop, rock and jazz concerts, make your way to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) amphitheater.
The Glimmerglass Opera in uptown Kingston is the venue for performing arts with a full sound stage and the spot for many community events, concerts, and film festivals. Once you land in the area, make your way to the most beautiful theater in Buffalo and NYC. The Clemens Center for the Performing Arts also works with several organizations and companies to increase their array of fine performances. 

2. Architecture in New York

New York is one of the country’s first states so you can expect its historic architecture to span centuries, covering just about every era and style. Most of the famous architectural landmarks can be viewed from a Stratos Jet Charters plane without taking a single step on land. Once you land on the ground, you can have a personal interaction with several architectural wonders. Because of its street are and urban fast culture, it attracts a lot of digital nomads lately, and urban millennials are thrilled to live some of their time in the Big Apple.
Land architectural tours reveal artful deco and historic waterfronts that are famous marvels of man-made structures like the Brooklyn Bridge and Woolworth Building. You can also view the structures from an elegant yacht’s deck.
Make sure you make some time to visit the Chrysler Building. This 77-story building has been playing an active role in marking NYC’s skyline since the 1930s. Atop the gleaming stainless steel building with inspiring art deco, you get a 360-degree view of New Jersey and New York.
Close by is Long Island which is home to the Old Hook Windmill that was once where corn and wheat were ground with old-fashioned wooden technology. Make a stopover at the Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous New York State building. Plus, get to see his famous Prairie homes dotting the Buffalo landscape.
The Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow takes you to New York’s colonial era. To the north, you will find the Great Camp Sagamore that was once the playground for millionaires. If you are into opulent Victorian designs, the Hawley-Green Historic District has exactly you need.

3. Art Museums in New York

Where else in the world would you find so many famous art museums than New York City? The short answer is nowhere else. Established in the year 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not only the largest US art museum but also one of the largest in the entire world!
The Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA, and The Guggenheim are all part of museums in New York that are dedicated to the Himalayan art. On the other hand, The American Folk Art Museum is dedicated to traditional folk art from self-taught artists all over the world. And, just outside Manhattan, you will quickly discover that that tradition of significant and exciting art collections continues through the state.
The Brooklyn Museum features one of the largest and most famous art collections that include Egyptian masterpieces and contemporary art from all cultures in the world. Another worthy stopover museum is the Parrish Art Museum that is home to works by the most influential and enduring American colony artists.

NY Art and Culture

From the iconic performances at the Apollo Theater to the exciting history of one of America’s oldest states, New York is a rich ground of culture and art at every turn. Furthermore, you can also play a part in the history by bringing out your inner artist at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Later, laugh and cry with the legends in performance arts in Broadway. 

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