TheOneSpy: A Terrifying Application for Spying on Another User

TheOneSpy is a cross-platform application that is intended for parents and employers to supervise the mobile phone use of children and employees. The application is loaded with hundreds of features that allow remote monitoring and tracking of the targeted cell phone devices. Once you install the tracking application on the targeted device, you can monitor and control that device through a web panel of the spy app. The app can be subscribed for a month, a quarter or a year. The price of the software varies with the operating system of the targeted device and the selected package plan. Read on to know how this application facilitates the end-users to spy on another mobile phone user.

Core Features of Spying Application

There is a wide range of features and functionalities offered by the monitoring app. From social media monitoring to location tracking and surround monitoring, the application offers innumerable spying features for child and employee monitoring. After installation of spy app on the targeted cell phone device, the app gets access to the data stored on the device and uploads to an online account. The end-user can log into that account by providing confidential credentials to monitor and download the data uploaded to it. The application lets you perform the following functions on the monitored cell phone device.

Monitor Messages

The cell phone tracking software lets you monitor messages received and sent by the monitored device. The spy application accesses all incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, iMessage and instant messages. These messages are then uploaded to the online control panel of spyware app for the end-user to view message content and contact detail of message senders and receivers.

Monitor Social Media Apps

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The social messengers have been gaining tremendous popularity among teenagers. The Android spy app allows parents to monitor social media apps of their children to prevent them from getting involved in misconduct. The high-tech spy software can track Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Vine, IMO, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike, Zalo and Yahoo. The end-user of the social media tracking app can monitor social media conversations, posts, sharing, comments, likes, friends and followers list of children and workforces.   

Call Recording

The surveillance software lets you listen to the phone calls of your target. It records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads these recorded calls to the web panel of the spy app. The end-user can log into the online account to listen to these calls and download these recorded files into different formats.

Track GPS Location

The spyware software lets you locate your target. You can find out the exact current location of your target by tracking his cell phone. Also, you can see the location history to be informed of every movement of the target. The geo-fencing allows marking multiple locations to be informed of target’s entrance and departure from marked locations.

Monitor Surroundings

The cell phone spying software lets you monitor the activities performed in the surroundings of the targeted cell phone. You can send a remote command to the targeted cell phone to capture the surrounding scenes and sounds. The application lets you operate the cameras and microphone of the monitored cell phone to take photos, videos and record voices without accessing the phone. The media files recorded remotely get uploaded to the spyware account and leave no clue of spying for the object. It lets you monitor the real-life activities of the target when he is not using his cell phone.  

Track Contacts

The spy software lets you access the contact numbers stored on the monitored phone memory. The application accesses the Phonebook and shows you the name, phone number, email address and any other information relevant to that contact.  

Monitor Photos & Videos

Parents can monitor what their kids have stored in their mobile phone devices. They can see the photos and videos captured by their kids via the monitored cell phone, downloaded from the internet, received from Bluetooth or any other source. All they need to do is to log into the spyware account.

Track Internet Use

The surveillance app lets you monitor the internet use of your workers and teenagers. You can access the internet browsing history of their phones and see the detail of websites visited and information searched on popular web browsers.

Track Emails

The application lets you access the incoming and outgoing emails of your workers without accessing their devices. You can read the email content and the mailing information of the email senders and receivers.

Compatible Device and OS

TheOneSpy is compatible with known mobile phone brands running latest Android and iOS versions. The software is also compatible with computers running Windows and Mac operating system.


TheOneSpy is found to be a reliable and feature-rich app that enables parents and employers to spy on the mobile phone and computer devices of their children and workforces without breaking the bank.

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