The Future of Legal Technologies

The world now has its goal to convert all procedures into smart
electronic procedures, especially after the Corona virus pandemic and the
threat it caused too many lives; people need their tasks to be done remotely with
electronic and virtual tools now more than ever to eliminate human contact and
maintain social distancing.

The Future of Legal Technologies

Contrato’s website is working to solve and simplify all legal procedures
and transactions by creating an online website through which the user can finish
his contracts from anywhere and at any time, or book a consultation session
with one of Contrato’s Lawyers.

Expert lawyers have designed and created our contracts according to the
Egyptian law and all of Contrato’s contracts are constantly up-to-date according
to any new amendments to the Egyptian law. You can also add or delete clauses
that are appropriate or not suitable for your contract.

Our contracts are specialized mainly in four different categories, Real
Estate, Business, Personal & family, and Work. Each contract in those categories
has a landing page of its own to explain to the users when and why to use this
contract and all the required documents to fill out this contract between its
parties. Contrato’s website covers a variety of contracts. Additionally, in
case any of our users need a special contract that they cannot find, they can
reach out to one of our lawyers to customize the contract for them.

In addition to one interesting feature Contrato’s website has in the in
case of real estate contracts, to locate and accurately show the location of the
property on Google Map and attach it to the contract. Contrato embedded this
feature into all of its contracts to increase accuracy and create trust between
the contract parties. Moreover, you can write the contract data once, and
import it to multiple contracts without errors, effort, and while skipping
double entry time. Once you finished your contract, you can print it or share
it with the rest of the parties.

Besides, Contrato not only offers interactive fast
online contracts, it also offers legal consultation services. Any Egyptian
citizen can use this service even while creating their contract, in case there
is any uncertainty about which contract the user needs in their situation or any
extra elaboration needed to guide them through the process, our lawyers will
guide and assist you. To sum it up, you can have a lawyer with you step by step
so that your contract is more accurate, understood and protects your rights.

Contrato’s legal consultation services can be
fetched by going on, read about our
lawyers, choose the best one for you, schedule a video chat meeting with your
lawyer, then you will have your legal inquiry answered, all from the comfort of
your place.

If you need a contract or you have legal
inquiries and you want to know the right answers to them, you can visit Contrato’s
website from this where you will find all of this and you will be able to
implement it easily from your place.

Contrato – A lawyer you

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