Software Review: iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

Having a backup data on the cloud server might be the best thing you can do in nowadays’ era because losing data is definitely a nightmare. Installing data recovery software on your device might be a great choice right now. Since there are various brands and names of software that will help you to recover the lost data, we are going to make a review about iSkysoft Data Recovery software.

Many people freaked out when they realized that their data is corrupted or permanently deleted from their device. Sometimes your device cannot read your storage disk and it got automatically formatted. This is the main perk of installing software to recover the data loss. So, enjoy this review.


iSkysoft Data Recovery software is created to track and bring back the lost data due to many unexpected scenarios. It also supports various devices like laptops, computers, external storage disks, and many more. Other than that, this data recovery app could recover various types of files such as pictures, audios, videos, emails, any document type, and so on. This is why iSkysoft is touted as the most convenient data recovery software you may find on the market. You can try the trial version to make sure that you like the features of this app for sure.

Main features

iSkysoft Data Recovery has several main features that will ease the process of bringing back the lost data. It has two scanning types: Quick Scanning and Deep Scanning. You can use the Deep Scanning if you cannot find what you look for by using the Quick Scanning. The results will be really structured and later you can search your file by using its original name. Any data can be retrieved as long as it is not damaged or overwritten.

The benefits of using iSkysoft Data Recovery software

This software will help you to recover various types of files that have been mentioned another paragraph. There are eight different modes provided by this app and each mode has its own benefits when it comes to more than just recover data from computer and any storage device. The interface is very intuitive and easy to operate.

It can be used in various devices and not just for your computers or phones. You can retrieve back the lost data from your external storage disks, digital cameras, USB disks, and other portable devices. Other than that, this software is compatible with the latest operating systems both in Mac and Windows.

iSkysoft Data Recovery software will recover the files from the supported storage device from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, or even exFAT file systems. All you need to do is following its three steps and a few clicks to bring back your lost data.

The cons of using iSkysoft Data Recovery software

However, you cannot save the scanning results for future use if you use the trial version or free version. This feature is only available if you purchase the premium one. If the materials are protected, you cannot download and recover the files even though you have purchased the premium version of this data recovery software. Other than that, you may not be able to find the name of your files and folders if you use the RAW data recovery.

Supported devices, file types, and OS

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems even the latest ones. You can summon back your deleted files from computers, USB flash drive, players, hard drive, memory cards, and digital camera. Once you have purchased the premium version of this software, you may be able to bring back so many file types and unlimited size of files. Meanwhile, if you only use the trial version, you may only get 100 MB for the maximum size of the retrieved files.


iSkysoft Data Recovery definitely provides a highly useful app for everyone who works on digital files a lot especially in today’s era. Installing this software might help you to recover your lost or corrupted files even though you do not have a proper backup data. However, you need to purchase the premium version of this app so it is not just to recover data from computer and any storage device. The pricings are available on Toolbox iSkysoft.

Summary: This review of iSkysoft Data Recovery app will help you to find out if you need this app or not.

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