Social Media Marketing Tips to Leverage on 2018 for Success

Media Marketing Tips to Leverage on 2018 for Success:

The emergence of social
media in the field of digital marketing has proved to a game changer. Since the
social media transformation has opened new doors for marketing, businesses and
brands have started to focus on investing in their marketing strategy. In the
social media-oriented world, brands are trying to connect with their customers
through a range of social channels to build their trust and generate better
engagement and leads.

The chief goal
of any marketing business is to gain higher visibility where the targeted
audience spends most of their time searching for you.

Since we’re
heading into 2018 and we think now is a good time to know the crucial social
media marketing tips
 which will have an effective impact on your marketing
strategy and help you in next year. 
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1)  Chatbots will make customer service faster and easier:

Chatbots have
emerged to provide an instant connection with the customers to resolve their
issues. The chatbots will assist you in human like conversation acting as a
customer service representative to the customer. Chatbots are available 24/7 to
assist the customers if they have any query and helps creating good connection
and gaining potential customers. As chatbots are gaining popularity, many
brands have started to use this software to provide better customer service,
deals and opportunities. The brands can interact with its customers on a
personal level by solving their questions. Facebook has released their Chatbots
last year which became popular as it’s doing a great job assisting people by
replying to their inquiries with human assistance. Another examples are Siri
and Chotu Bot moreover it’s estimated that chatbots will be seen in more
industries in the coming year. 

2)  Live video streaming is a must:

Live video
streaming is an effective way to engage customers with personalized, raw and
non-edited versions. Businesses have started using live videos to promote their
brand. Facebook is one such platform that has a live streaming option and reaches
out to the maximum audience. Live videos have the potential to keep the
viewer’s hooked on once they start streaming the video. In 2018, more and more
brands will incorporate live video into their business marketing strategy. Using
live streaming will let you gain huge number of visitors and is predicted to be
the next best thing for next year.

3)  Ephemeral content will provide optimal engagement:

Snapchat, and Instagram stories have introduced the ephemeral content.
Ephemeral content is the short videos that last for 24 hours and disappears
after the day ends. Brands are starting to post content on their sites with
ephemeral content strategy. We can see how Snapchat and Instagram gained
popularity by publishing high-quality content and stories keeping the viewers
engaged. These stories appear on the follower’s feed and implement them to take
a look at your stories. Implementing ephemeral content in your marketing
strategy is a must which will continue to engage the users in short period of

4) Rise of artificial intelligence and Image recognition:

The emergence
of Augmented Reality is giving a relatively engaging experience to the audience
on their smartphones. It’s an effective and easy way of reaching out to the
customers. Apple introduced iPhone 8 and X this year providing augmented
reality experience. Similarly, other social channels are aiming new ways to
capitalize AR in their platform. We have already seen Snapchat making use of
the AR technology and introducing their Bitmoji icons to create their image.
Moreover, we expect a lot of other social channels to introduce this technology
in 2018 and taking their business to next level.
Since 2018 is
almost here. These are the social media marketing trends that should be
considered while moving ahead next year. We expect some major advancement in
marketing and tech world which the businesses will implement to achieve their
desired goals.
Author Bio:
Nancy Lamas is
a Content Strategy Specialist at one of the
best Digital marketing company in Singapore. She has a vast experience
of working with businesses and helping them refine their business strategies. 

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