How to Increase Fast YouTube Video Views and Subscribers

How to Increase Fast YouTube Video Views and Subscribers:-

For business
owners, YouTube features a huge chance to taste the waters of video marketing
world. Engage your mind about the current state from eMarketer where a report
shows that 41% of US small businesses use Facebook, and merely 9% use YouTube.
Video can be a boon when engagement for your business is concerned, the
competition at this platform is not at as cut-throat as other commercial
enterprises are. 

This is another reason to use video marketing using YouTube.
Here are some ways to increase your YouTube channel subscribers along with
increasing video views and engagement.

1. Upload
new videos on a regular basis, and try doing this on a schedule. The profit
that will be provided shall be explained by this simple example. Suppose if
your audience will hope for a new video every Tuesday, they will then look
forward to Tuesdays! And when a new video will be uploaded, then the
subscribers of your channel will get notified, in the end, which will help
boost new views.

2. Get every
video of your’s posted on Facebook using Facebook’s  and put in the use native video uploader.
Also, get a call-to-action included in the Facebook video post to “check out my
other videos on YouTube” and add a link to your YouTube channel.

3. Do not
keep your video titles very long. In, fact keeps them limited to 50 characters
or less. If you make the mistake of keeping them longer, they will
automatically get cut off and that will decrease the chances of getting it

4. Get your
YouTube videos embed on your blog and get them promoted to your social media
audience. This will just not increase your video views but will also increase
your site’s page views I addition.

5. Try and keep
the timings of your videos to near about 3 minutes. A research carried by
Buffer Social has concluded the ideal length of a YouTube video is 2 minutes
and 54 seconds.

6. When you
choose keywords for your videos, do run a fast search on Google and have a look
whether there are video results already present with those keywords. If there
are then choose another one.

7. Get the proper setting of videos in topical
playlists. Make use of useful and relevant keywords so that it will give your
playlists more chances to get a good rank in results.

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