How Pinterest Marketing Works in Boosting Up your Lead Generation Capacity?

Gaining traffic and getting your brand under the popular list is what a digital marketing firm strives to assure and deigns to achieve. With a plentiful number of SEO Company in Singapore or Online Advertising firms in India and many others present across the world, you have ample of options to choose among. Businesses today have even outsourced their marketing to offshore companies depending upon their capability to advertise their businesses properly. And social media marketing is undoubtedly one the most powerful methods to broadcast your brand.

Why Social Media is your “Need”?

Every business is active on social media platforms say Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Sharing content through these platforms have captured the attention of millions of customers all across the globe. With various services and products on display, social media has become the major mode of interaction between customers and businesses.
And if you think that Facebook and Twitter make your social media marketing complete, then think again. Pinterest Marketing has risen to be one of the most sought-after social media marketing platforms of today. Used by countless customers, Pinterest has become successful in garnering leads for businesses from national and international markets.

How Pinterest works?

This is like a visual search engine. It works just like you used to have your scrapbook once. To let people discover their interests, Pinterest allows users to post their images, otherwise known as pinning on the platform. From pictures of dresses to cars etc., you can check out everything and anything from the images that are collected on the Pinboards. Pinboards work like an online photo album that has rows of images shown as per your search.
Check out how Pinterest has helped businesses in gaining more customers in the process.
Highlight your brand: You get to show your brand name and let your customers get familiar with your logo every time an image gets pinned or clicked. Clicking on an image, the customer could further be taken to your main website where he can explore your range of products. If interested, he can definitely buy the piece. The Pin It button can let your customers pin your content on their boards.
·       The Creative Pinterest Board: Style up your Pinterest Board that can connect you with your customers. These are dynamic boards that you can keep on editing with your latest addition or update. This would keep your customers interested in what new has been brought about. Prepare your board strategically by placing the relevant images first. Personalize your board with your brand name and profile image. You might even welcome some guest pinners to attach
their images on board. This would definitely improve social engagement. Add the link of your website on your board which could direct the traffic to you.
·        Using optimized keywords:  This could be used for your promoted pins. Social media agency in Singapore
or any other country can help you out in picking the right ones. You can use a good number of keywords to cover all the basic and broad topics related to your service. Having a nice bunch of appropriate keywords can pop your name in
search results. In a nutshell, these are your targeted keywords that are being searched by the customers around you.
Good Visuals. Good Traffic.: Pinterest is all about the images. The better the image, the higher the chances of acquiring leads. You need high-quality images that are well-composed, clear and look attractive. You need to have a creative vision of the images that you are going to pin on your board. It would be more helpful if you could pin multiple images on a single Pin. It would work better when you are a fashion retailer or a business as such and want to show what your product list includes. It will be appealing to your customers when you have options to show them.
Pin It Regularly:   To keep up in this gruesome market world, you need to keep your customers apprised of your latest addition. So, Pin it regularly. No need to fret if you think that more Pins would annoy your customers. Rather it would prove that you are actively posting about your product and services. Strategically post your pins throughout the week. If you have some theme-specific posts, then try to post them in advance to make customers aware of your upcoming products.
·     Give a brief description:  A single image can do nothing if it does not carry any description. Thus, it would be better to write a description of 150-200 words beneath every image of yours to give an idea as to what your visual is about.
Enrich it with “Rich Pins”: Rich Pins are those pins that use metadata from your website, that will be shown to your customers when they click on that particular image. They are being used with recipes, beauty products, etc. where information is necessary to learn about the product.

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