Experience Clutter-free Group Chat With This Microsoft Product

Clutter in a work
communication group is very natural, given the large size and the number of
participants. Now, there is a product that can help you cut down on all the
clutter using innovative and practical features.
Kaizala is a secure, phone number based chat app that boosts productivity,
enhances communication and collaboration. The productivity app comes from
Microsoft, who have never failed to surprise the customers with extraordinary

Kaizala was built to
revolutionize the way mobile-first workers communicate and of course, augment
productivity in any organization’s setup. With its functional features, Kaizala
is helping organizations manage the mobile workforce, clients, suppliers, and
vendors all in one single platform. Organizations have adopted the app across
all sectors from state governments to healthcare, BFSI, and more. The app was
made keeping security as the top priority and as such offers enterprise-level
What is a productivity
app if it’s only restricted to employee management? On Kaizala, you can use
polls to take opinions, make announcements to share the latest information, and
conduct surveys before starting a new project. You can also schedule a meeting
and find out everyone’s availability using the Let’s Meet feature. If that’s
not enough, you can assign and track tasks using the Job feature and manage your
to-do list using the Checklist.
Here are some of the
features that encourage clutter-free and smooth group conversations:


You don’t have to rely on different sources to take an online survey for you. You can create a survey
template with a questionnaire and send it across to your contacts on Kaizala.
With just a tap, you can share your survey with anyone on Kaizala and take
their opinion. The app will help you extract a detailed survey report and take
actions based on the results. It is highly recommended for corporate groups who
want to do public research before a project or an initiative that plays a
crucial role in the organization’s growth.


This feature lets you
collect opinions instantly. Whether it’s deciding office trip destination or
policy implementation, polls feature is your savior. It is always helpful to
weigh in various opinions before taking the final call. That’s how an inclusive
organization is formed. You can roll out instant polls on the groups and
customize the questions accordingly.


Do you often forget
your daily tasks due to pressure? Well, not anymore! You can use and introduce
the Checklist feature on Kaizala to keep a track on the progress of your most
essential tasks for the day. Make this your routine, and you will never miss
out any errand throughout the day. You can also introduce the Checklist feature
on Kaizala to your colleagues and help them keep a tab on their daily chores as
well. This saves you from sending out constant reminders and be most productive
in your work.


Have something
important to announce? Use the Announcement feature to make an announcement in
your groups and let it reach everyone you want. Announcements can be found
under Kaizala Actions, and every time someone makes an announcement, it can be
found under the same option. Use this feature to make the information stand out
in an active group, receiving thousands of messages every day.
Managing large group
communications with Kaizala is easy, hassle-free, and smooth. Just use the
built-in action cards to enjoy clutter-free communication. The Kaizala app is
designed to improve communication channels, encourage collaboration, and thus
enhance productivity. Kaizala not only makes work a lot easier but also offers
tons of fun games like 2048, Tetris, Quiz, Chess and more.

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