Tricks to be a successful broker and 4 mistakes to avoid!

Communication is the key!

brokerage job means meeting new people every day! And that for sure requires
them to have the ability to strike up a conversation with strangers easily not
only that, you also should enjoy it!

Gain your client

First, you must gain your clients’ trust then, try
to sell them the property.

The client must feel that you are not putting your
commission and your benefits first but his benefits.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and know exactly
what he needs and advise him with the best for him.

Tricks to be a successful broker

However, be careful that you are the middleman
between a seller that wants to sell with the highest price and a buyer who
needs to get the lowest price, and you don’t want to lose any, in order to
achieve this you have to face all debates that may occur without taking sides.
Be aware that brokers reactions are observed carefully through debates.

Challenge yourself!

There are a lot of people who want to be successful
brokers and since you are reading this blog, you are one of them!

You must have the spirit of perseverance and
challenge. Selling a property is not easy obviously. Accordingly, you need to
have a clear plan with steps and alternatives to follow in each selling
process, as properties differ in their features and customers differ in their
persuasion, besides, never make your clients feel stupid, respect their
opinions and let them feel that you understand their needs.

-Learn your work well.

Walking into a street without knowing where you are,
is the best way to get lost!

Know the area and its streets so that the customer
can easily reach the apartment, also you must know the details and features of
the apartment or even gone to see it previously because as long as you took the a customer there, he is expecting to see what he needs. These are simple things
to take into consideration but, it helps the customer to make up his opinion
about you which leads to a good word of mouth.

-Adapting along with technology.

People nowadays have several ways to communicate. In
the previous period of time, we have noticed an increase in using online sales
and the real estate sector got it’s share too!

Now everyone is using Facebook to sell their
properties in addition to the real estate websites.

As a broker, you should always have alternative ways
to sell a property and find the right client for it, therefore, you should
try all these
to cope with your clients’
needs and catch the right one to continue with it.

-Connections and relationships.

You won’t
be able to be a successful broker without growing your connections with
developers, other brokers, even with janitors in specific areas.

-Small team.

With the
increase in clients and their requirements at the same time, it will be
difficult to be on your own to help them find the right property that suits
their needs. The best thing to do is to build a small team with one goal which
are customer satisfaction and loyalty

-4 mistakes to avoid!

1- Delaying appointments with the excuse of being
busy due to your workload. The broker is ready at all times and does not depend
on a fixed schedule.

2-Closed phones annoy most customers if they need to
contact the broker and don’t know how to reach him.

3-Dealing with your customer as if he/she is stupid,
you must respect their opinions and needs, whether he/she is a seller or a

4-Not telling the truth, always be honest to your
customers and there is no problem if you withdraw a sale for the benefit of
your customer.

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