Top 22 Social Media Search Engines to find Real People and Social Information

Top 22 Social Media Search Engines to find Real People and Social Information:

Present ways
of searching in popular social media platforms like Facebook are not enough to
provide best and precise searches. They bring random results and the search
options do not contain much space for specification. Keeping all these stuff in
mind and to provide such clear result for searches, Facebook has recently come
up with the new feature called as ‘Graph Search’, which is its attempt to make
better searches. 

Social Media Analysis Tools: 

In addition to this, here is a list of 22 other social media
platforms rather than Facebook to find people and social information in an easy

1)    Pipi People Search:

Pipi People SearchThis
platform gives you the facility to search people across social networking sites
like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger blogs etc. One has to simply enter the name,
email address/phone number and select search button. Web search is also
supported by this platform.

2)    Talkwalker’s Social Media Analytics Search:

Talkwalker’s Social Media Analytics Search: – This
platform lets you unearth social media analytics metrics across all social
media in single dashboard. You can get and track levels of mentions, sentiment,
reach and engagement. This also helps you to find leading hashtags and examine
which channels are making the most impact.

3)    Social Mention:

SocialMention is made to find social media contacts which include blogs, comments,
bookmarks, microblogs and the like. It has a feature of auto alert which helps
a user to receive emails on daily basis, which are based on the searches such
as celebrity, company brand etc.

4)    Tagboard:

Tagboard: – It is
organized display of public of social media posts based on hashtags. This
platform of searches allows you to find hashtags from Facebook, Twitter and
Google plus to get you the information about what people are saying around
those hashtags. It also facilitates with the option of setting filter by social
networks and the results will be displayed in a simple dashboard.

5)    Buzzsumo: It lets
people to go and search for keywords and know what are the content people are
inclined towards, on social media. With the help of search results, you can see
who is posting about what topic (specific topic), get your competition and
watch in what ways other people are using social media. One can filter results
by videos, infographics etc.

6)    Anoox:

Anoox is a
search engine for social networking searches. It provides the service to search
information through various social media websites or ask queries to the people.
7)    Social Searcher:

Social Searcher: – It is a tool
which enable you to search trending links from platforms like Facebook,
Twitter, Google plus. This is a real-time online service through which you can
monitor your brands, find interesting contents etc.
8)    Uvrx Social Search:

Uvrx Social Search: It is a
combination of Google custom search engines that makes possible for users to
reach social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin etc. By selecting
the social media site of your choice, one can narrow down the result.
9)    Whos Talkin:

Whos Talkin: This
platform enables you to search through multiple social media sites and blogs
for trending topics and conversations which are about celebrities.], sports,
places, food etc.
10)    Facebook Search:

Facebook Search:- Connections
between places, people, and things, based on your friends can be found out
using latest this latest search tool on Facebook. Discover status updates and
other connections with the help of this new tool in Facebook apace.

11)     Twitter Advanced Search:

With Twitter Advanced Search, you can do your searches which can be based on people, words,
and places. On the obtained results you can immediately get connected and start
following any celebrity, experts, brands, and news.

helps the user to find relevant, popular, useful and interesting content which
are published on Twitter, blogs, and news sites. One can search everything and
also filter the results based on tweets, links, photos, videos, experts, or

13)    Hashtracking:

HashtrackingIt is a
popular hashtag search and tracking tool for Twitter and Instagram. Apart from
tracking and sharing hashtags in real time, Hashtracking also gives a facility
to get historical data if you want to receive information on a hashtag from

14)     Google Inside Search:

When GoogleInside Search is used after signing in with Google Plus, it will enable you to
find both personal results and social results about you and your
contact’s/friend’s photos, posts, video and other content.

15)    Bing Social:

One can find
the latest news and trending topics from Facebook, Twitter and other social
media sites with the help of Bing Social.

16)    Flickr Advanced Search:

Flickr is
one of the largest and popular photos and video sharing sites. It gives users
advanced search tool with multiple filters and options that help you find an
image or video the user wants.

17)    YouTube Search:

video search engine helps you find any videos one is  looking for from its massive video library

18)    Blinkx:

Blinkx is
video search engine which has millions of hours of indexed online videos. This
lets the user watch a wide variety of videos including news & politics,
celebrity, technology, business, gaming, food, sports, and more, taken from
popular news and video sharing sites.

19)    Technorati:

Technorati:- This
platform is popular for blog posts search that enables you to search weblogs
based on keyword and tag.

20)    Boardreader:

Boardreader: This online
search tool for forums and boards facilitates you find popular content on the
Internet including videos, news, press releases, articles, etc.

21)    Sprinklr:

Sprinklr is
an actual social media management tool for enterprise businesses. It
facilitates the service of social media marketing, research, advertising, sales
and content management on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social
channels on the global level in a single integrated platform.

22)    Snitch Name:

This is a
service of white pages used for social networks. It provides you with the
facility to search people’s profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace,
and other similar social media sites.

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