Top 15 Best Fitness Blogs to Keep Yourself in Shape and Maintain a Good Healthy Life

In the current scenario from a kid to a senior citizen, from a girl to a boy, teenager, marriage, unmarried, fat, thin, obese and including every single person needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

This is a time period where every person is working more than 24 hrs in a day. We are living in an era of speed, with fast internet and everything fast. In this fast lifestyle maintaining health and weight can be tough, we miss something now and then. These fitness bloggers will help you in keeping yourself on track, let’s get started: –

1. Nerd Fitness: – Steve Kamb is the owner of this fitness blog and undoubtedly, he becomes your fitness inspiration once you start following him.

2.  Workout Mommy: – Lisa gulley will tell you how you can manage time between your family and yourself because loving yourself in equally important for you and can never be the hurdle for you.

3. Fit Bottomed Girl: – this fitness blog is started by two friends Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead. These two girls will let you know how to become healthy and thin without being on dieting.

4. Blogilates: – this blog is created by a Cassey Ho, and this is the trendy blog which gives you a colourful and happy vibe for your fitness related issues. 

5.  MyFitnessPal Blog: – this blog is administered by a group and they provide you with the best piece of advice related to your health and fitness related issues. The information they share is proven by the researches

6.  Life by Daily Burn: Fitness: – This blog shares the incredible information related to eating habits, what to eat when to eat and how much to eat as well. The best part is they also track the latest fitness gadgets and tell you about them.

7.  Powercakes: – Basically this group is for all age groups but specifically useful for teenagers and mid-aged women. This blog is administered by Kasey (Arena) Brown.

8.  Summer Tomato: – this is the one-stop destination for all your diet-related issues. If you don’t want to put an excessive amount of restriction on your diet, then you should follow this blog.

9. Fitness by Mindbodygreen: – Mindbodygreen in not a three-word sentence, it’s a one-word sentence. This blog is meant for those people who want to give themselves a 360-degree approach for their life which includes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

10. Badass Fitness: – this blog is administered by Shannon, who likes to call herself “Little Drill Sergent”. She is very much known in the world of fitness because she is the ambassador of Fitfluential and SweatPink and she is also an ACA and AFAA certified trainer for fitness and dieting.

There are some more blogs you can follow, for instance, FitFluential, IDEA Health & Fitness Association, The Lean Green Bean, The Fitnessista, ComeBack Momma etc. These blogs are useful for men and women both. Stay active and achieve all your fitness goals without any excuse any more with these blogs. These blogs keep you active always and forever.

Don’t stop until you win!! 

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