The Importance of Including Great Product Images in E-Commerce

To make a business successful, the key point is to never overlook even minute
detail. People usually ignore the importance of images in e-commerce. The point
is that your product can never be convincing enough if the customer hasn’t seen
it. What people need to realize is that uploading an image of poor quality
gives a more bad impact of the product than no uploading at all. As it is a
common proverb, the first impression is the last impression, it the image is
not good enough, do not consider your customer interested.

A picture says much about a brand,
always try to make it as appealing as you can. Here are some tips for taking
great picture and importance of pictures in E-commerce.

  • Quality
    of the picture:-

Consider yourself as a customer, you
have two options. One where you see a picture of products and the pixels of the
image are extremely distorted, and most of the image is blurred out. You cannot
have a look at the details, as the picture quality is not allowing you to. The
background of the image is not proper too. Now there is another situation,
where the product is placed beautifully and the lightning is good. The image
had HD quality and you can see every minor detail just by zooming in. What will
you prefer? Quite obviously, the second option.

  • No need
    for professional photoshoots:-

I’m not saying that you should not
prefer professional photoshoots, the only problem is that the professional
photoshoot scan cost you a fortune. But it has its own perks, it can make an
ordinary thing look extraordinary with just one click.
It is not necessary to hire a
professional for getting the perfect picture, you can take good pictures of
yourself, all you need is the right content. Here is a list of things that you
are going to need for
capturing good photos:

1. Good lightning:-

For capturing true beauty and details
of the product, it is necessary to have good lightning. It enhances the
features to great extent. It is always recommended to use natural light.
Natural lightning gives the impact that the picture is not an illusion and it
actually is showing the quality that the product contains. Artificial lightning
is always a second option, as it might give the impact of the photo being highly
edited and non-natural.

2. Use digital camera:-

The digital camera ensures the HD
quality of pictures. No matter how good your phone’s camera is the pixels are
going to be shattered when you edit the picture or else when you upload it.
There is no need to worry about the money for buying a good camera as per
digital cameras are available in much less money.
Digital camera under $200, like Nikon CoolPix A10 and Canon Powershot SX410
IS will be perfect for this purpose.

3. Clear background:-

Make sure that there is nothing in the
background to steal the focus. The viewer attention should be all focused on
the product. Choose a clear wall, especially white walls. They are proven to be
the best one for such purposes. This will also save your time needed for the
editing purpose.

4. Right editing:-

When you capture a picture, no matter
how good it is, it will always need some editing. Enhance the colors. Most of
the editors offer auto enhancement. This feature does all the right editing
according to the pictures and you do not need to do it manually. If your editor
does not offer such feature, increase the brightness and colors so that the
quality of the product is enhanced. Avoid extra usage of filters.

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