Role of Diabetes Nutritional Supplements in Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Frequent visits to washroom clearly indicate that the body is losing water-soluble vitamins. To normalize the high blood levels, the body starts eliminating Vitamin B1, B6, and B12. For managing diabetes, nutritional supplements play a vital role. In diabetes, people don’t get enough nutrition through diet they consume.  Hence, it becomes important to fulfill the nutritional deficiencies by taking Diabetes Herbal Supplements. Such supplements help to stabilize the blood sugar levels, improve the metabolism, and stimulate the functions of the pancreas. Addition of vitamins and minerals into regimen helps the diabetics to combat against weakness, numbness, tingling, and pain.

What is Type 2 diabetes?

It is the most common type of diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. This is called insulin resistance. Insulin is a necessary hormone that regulates the movement of glucose (sugar) into your cells to be used for energy. Insulin is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas which exist in specialized structures called the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.

Warning Signs of Type 2 diabetes:

In type 2 diabetes, symptoms develop gradually and hard to identify. Sometimes people have type 2 diabetes for years without their knowledge. However, if one has any of these symptoms then don’t take it lightly –

  Ø Increased thirst and frequent urination
  Ø Increased hunger
  Ø Weight loss
  Ø Fatigue
  Ø Blurred vision
  Ø Slow-healing sores or frequent infections
  Ø Areas of darkened skin

Vitamin B1, B6 & B12 are very useful in diabetes:

In several research studies, it has been suggested that supplementation with vitamin B1 helps to provide protection from nerve damage. Vitamin B1 helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. Low levels of this vitamin are directly linked to high blood sugar levels. Similarly, Vitamin B6 and B12 promote nerve repair. They reduce the pain in diabetic neuropathy and also accelerate the nerve tissue regeneration.

Maxgar Cheeniucm – Blood Sugar Control Supplements:

Maxgar Cheenicum is a wonderful Blood Sugar Optimizer Supplement in reversing Type 2 Diabetes.  It is the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other active ingredients that work well to lower the raised blood sugar levels.

It contains Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 that help to fulfill the nutritional gap in diabetic patients.

Vitamin D is also another important ingredient of this formulation that helps to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Herb Gymnema Sylvestre is an effective herbal remedy to control the blood sugar levels. It is commonly called as Madhunashini (means ‘destroyer of sugar’) and Gurmar. Use of this herb is quite famous since ancient times to improve the function of the pancreas. It is loaded with wonderful anti-diabetic properties that lower blood sugar and reduce the amount of sugar absorbed by the intestines.  As per Ayurveda experts, this herb helps in regeneration of Pancreatic Beta Cells and restores the pancreatic insulin production.  It helps to curb sugar taste in the mouth and therefore reduces sugar cravings in people suffering from stress-related obesity. It happens due to the presence of compounds, known as Gymnemic acids, which bind to taste receptors on the tongue.

Both Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Chromium Picolinate are loaded with antioxidants that prevent free radical damage in the body. They also help to resolve the complications associated with diabetes.

Cinnamon bark powder is quite useful in reducing blood sugar levels. It stimulates the release of insulin from pancreatic cells. Additionally, it is also supposed to improve glucose uptake by cells.

Mulberry leaf extract is a well – known remedy for diabetes. Its anti-diabetic properties are due to the presence of an active compound L- Deoxynojirimycin or DNJ.  This bioactive compound works well to lower high blood sugar levels.

Additional suggestions for people suffering from diabetes:

  v Do Pranayam (breathing exercises) regularly
  v Avoid alcohol intake
  v Avoid smoking
  v Avoid fried food
  v Stay away from the stress
  v Manage extra weight
  v  Monitor blood sugar levels after a specific period of time

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