It’s all about Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server hosting service is a type of
Internet hosting service in that customer’s lease an entire server not shared
with anyone else. Dedicated hosting is more flexible as compared to shared
hosting as organizations have the complete control over the servers, including
choice of operating system, hardware, etc. The other type of dedicated hosting
is complex managed hosting which applies to both physical dedicated servers, hybrid server and virtual servers from which most of the
companies chooses a hybrid hosting solution. Operating system support is also
one major concern while using dedicated server hosting. 

There are lots of
variations of Linux and Unix (Open source operating system) and those are often
included at no charge to the customer. A dedicated hosting account is mainly
suitable for WordPress websites with a large number of visitors. There are lots
of hosting providers across the globe which provides dedicated hosting packages
with prices of these plans are totally based on the clients choice of hardware
and resource allocation. If you’re running a business with the large
organization and your website drives a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis
then dedicated hosting plans are ideal in the same situation which can easily
handle the same scenario.

There are
lots of advantages of dedicated server hosting which includes:

  • Dedicated
    hosting is much more reliable as compared to shared hosting
  • It
    serves the better performance if you share more resources.
  • Dedicated
    server hosting offers custom firewall which can help in enforcing access
    control policy.
  • To
    add software and changing server configurations dedicated server hosting
    adds more flexibility.
  • It
    assigns a unique and dedicated IP address.

Cons of
dedicated server hosting:

  • The
    main drawback of dedicated hosting is that it can be a major investment.
Dedicated hosting plans come in two forms i.e.
managed and unmanaged. Managed dedicated server hosting are generally more
expensive. The pricing of dedicated hosting plans totally depends on the number
of resources needed such as bandwidth, storage space, RAM, etc. In addition,
expenses for dedicated servers also include the software packages which are
needed to run the server.

There are alternatives for these paid software but
they are not generally preferred due to issues with stability of the software.
In paid software packages you get a genuine licensed copy of the product so
that in future if you face any product related issue then definitely you can
have word with the responsible team of the same who can solve your problem.

The main source of an alternative to this with
respect to an operating system is Linux operating system. Linux is an open
source operating system where you don’t need to purchase any licensed copy of
any product. You can easily download and install all the software’s from the
internet and use it whenever required. 
Security and Control on the website are the two main reasons why so many
businesses select dedicated servers.

The dedicated hosting is one of the types of web
hosting and generally preferred by the large websites or sites having a huge
amount of traffic which is reliable and boosts high-performance. Even if the
price of a dedicated hosting is more people still wanted to host their business
websites on a dedicated server. It is one of oldest hosting types which offer
high performance, enhanced security and freedom to administer your server by
your way.  Now the question arises in
your mind that how to choose an appropriate hosting provider.

There are various web hosting companies out there
which provides reliable and secured dedicated server hosting for your business
niche. It totally depends on your website requirements and business niche.  Apart from this there are dedicated server
security tips such as vigorous password policy, regular scanning and testing,
firewall protection, maintain the database, update software regularly, data
backups, professional help.

MilesWeb is a best and reliable web hosting
company which offers various types of web hosting services to their customers.
The services like shared hosting, VPS hosting,
reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, etc. The leading web
hosting company got two renowned awards as “Readers choice awards 2016” by host
review and “Excellent service award” by HostAdvice. The data centers are
situated in various locations such as Chicago, London, Brooklyn, Bucharest,
Nashik, Mumbai, etc.

MilesWeb provides a hybrid server which is a new
type of dedicated server which offers the combination of traditional dedicated
server and the scalability of a cloud server. Hybrid servers are much more
powerful and divided into larger chunks using virtualization technology. In
traditional hosting packages, resources got shared amongst all the users which
are connected to that particular network. On the contrary, the hybrid dedicated
server is split between the limited number of users in the network. With the
hybrid dedicated server, you get all the access privileges and there is no
chance of other websites or users affecting the server performance.

Also, if you’re running any type of business
whether it is small or large then you can easily target the same without
wasting much of your time.  MilesWeb offers the best and reliable dedicated servers in India with 99.95%
uptime guarantee. If in case you need to change your technical specifications,
dedicated hosting solutions would be flexible and scalable so that you can do
the same without wasting much of your time.  

of dedicated hosting offered by MilesWeb are as follows:

  • Powerful
  • Host
    unlimited websites
  • Operating
  • Control
  • SSH
    root access
  • Dedicated
  • Datacenter
  • Server
  • Service
    level agreement
  • Hardware
  • High
  • No
    setup fee or contract
I hope the mentioned points in the article
regarding dedicated hosting are really beneficial if you’re newbie in web
hosting niche. So if you’re looking for any best and reliable dedicated servers
in India then MilesWeb is the best
option for you.

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