Day: July 2, 2018

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Chatbots: Say “Hi” to the Futuristic Health Assistants!

Intelligent personal assistants, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered voice controlled bots or health apps are anticipated to replace the messaging apps soon enough. In healthcare industry, they’ve the potential to reduce the stress from the shoulders of medical professionals regarding easy-to-diagnose health concerns and issues that can be managed conveniently. The coming of International Personal […]

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Web Hosting Tips

Six Ways use of Dedicated Servers can Benefit Your Business

Secure and 24/7 accessible data storage have become a primary need for every other company. Web hosting companies are offering a wide range of computing data storage to execute varying requirements of clients. If an enterprise is seeking for customized services with extended privacy and complete control over server machines, dedicated hosting will be the […]

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SEO Tips

Why Shouldn’t We Try To Outsmart Google For SEO?

Google holds 92.1% of the global market share of the search engine. It is often referred to as being in “quasi-monopoly” status. However, new search engines are emerging to try to compete, while the oldest (Bing for example), try to keep their current shares… Should we, as a motor user or as a web professional, […]

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