How to Boost Your E-commerce Business on Instagram with Low Budget?

With over 800 million active users on
the platform, Instagram is probably the modern-day rising superstar among all
the social media marketing channels. Being constructed sprucely to attract
users who are looking for visual content and connect with other users all over
the world, Instagram also allows e-commerce brands with an equal opportunity to
grow their business. Besides, the platform can be a great marketing tool if
utilized properly, thanks to the wide array of features available.

Although the platform is witnessing a
massive growth in terms of audience and marketing success every day, it is easy
to enhance your audience outreach and marketing campaign compared to other
platforms. Take a look at some of the steps through which you can build your
e-commerce brand and gain real Instagram followers.

Ensure Your Content Exudes Branding:-

It goes without saying that Instagram
is all about rendering an aesthetic appeal to your brand on the social media.
This calls for high-quality images that are impeccable in nature, along with
the strategic scheduling of the posts. Curating your Instagram news feed is an
important factor, as it will help you in deciding how to schedule your posts
accordingly and gain more engagement on the platform. You can choose your own
brand filter and use it in all of your images to maintain the consistency and
allowing your audience to recognize your brand much easily. No matter what your
vision is, using the platform for telling your brand story and entrepreneurship
will attract and compel the audience to visit your online storefront.

Adhere to the Rule of Thirds

When it comes to delivering a balanced
message to your audience without being overly promotional, it is critical to
adhere to the rule of thirds that is mentioned below:

  •         Conversational
    : This
    implies that you should entice your followers to participate in an ongoing
    conversation. It can be done through contests and giveaways by offering rewards
    and incentives.
  •       Promotional
    : This
    covers the product or brand-related content that you market on the platform.
  •          Sharing
    : This
    includes cross-promotion with influencers, other users, and accounts.

Product Tagging

Setting a shop section on the social
media platform is an absolute must for every e-commerce business that is
looking to boost their sales. This is now highly possible with Instagram as it
allows you to tag products in the posts just like you can mention people with
an intention to make them more shoppable. With product tagging in your content,
you instantly transform your social media marketing platform into a sales
channel via an easy to set up procedure.

Curate Hashtags

Conducting a hashtag research is an
important factor when you are promoting your e-commerce brand on Instagram. As
hashtags form a great marketing value when it comes to the visual-sharing
platform, taking some time to conduct a hashtag research will really help in
crafting and making your content a success. Also, make sure that you are
keeping an eye open on the trendy hashtag in order to be stable in the
marketing game.


Focus on higher engagement when it
comes to using Instagram for promoting your e-commerce business and more people
will visit your online storefront. Adhere to these tips and ensure fuelling
your sales. 

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