Coins and ICOs that are Focusing on Social

Cryptocurrencies are now everywhere, thanks to the amazing blockchain technology behind them. Blockchain and smart contracts have found use in virtually all sectors of the global economy.

Our social life has also benefitted from this technology as we now have coins and platforms that are designed to make us connect and interact better. We will look at the tokens that are focusing on our social life.


Known as the Sphere Social Network, this is a decentralized social network which launched its ICO back on February 12, 2018. The network with the help of the Social Activity Token (SAT will enable online users to take back and be in firm control of their data and other online activities.

The main objective of SAT is to connect businesses with people and creating an enabling decentralized social platform that will allow them to transact with one other. The SAT token is in compliance with ERC20 and will be made available for trading on several exchanges and wallets.

Sphere Social is focused on user data and privacy. The user’s personal browsing and search engine results will be kept private and stored out of the reach of advertisers and other companies that leverage on user information. Instead, the advertisers will need to pay the users before accessing their data.

Sphere Social, which was founded by Andrew Khong, will have a marketplace that will serve as a meeting point for users to create and advertise their products. Sphere intends to make privacy, transparency, and data security to be the core foundation upon which social media platforms are built.


This is an exchange platform based in Amsterdam that is determined to make crypto trading open to everyone, regardless of their trading level experience. It is a social hybrid decentralized exchange, the likes of which we don’t have yet. The platform comes with multiple sections of social trading and sharing that will help both experienced and new traders make better trading. The Blockport platform will enable traders to become more comfortable with trading in a chaotic crypto trading world.

Using Blockport, traders and investors can interact with each other and discuss trading strategies. The platform will also make it possible for a trader to copy another person’s trading portfolio, thus making it easy for the inexperienced investors to study and learn from the experienced ones.

The platform will be run using the Blockport Token (BPT). This is an ERC20 token that users can make use of to buy premium trading content on the platform. The token can also be used to pay trading fees (discounted) and pay for other features of social trading.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies using their platform will become much easier for investors and the communication with others will go a long way in making it more exciting.

TTC Protocol (TTC):-

The TTC protocol is a decentralized social networking protocol that runs on the TTC token. Founded by Brian Cheong, this social platform is a next-generation social network that will provide users with new social experience with its decentralized features. The platform uses the blockchain technology to ensure that users get a highly rewarding and dynamic social experience.

TTC protocol will offer its users crypto incentives using their TTC token. Users of the social network would be a reward for activities such as generating, distributing and socializing with other users as well as their content. The commercial value of the TTC will be returned to the same users that make up the network.

Provoco (VOCO):-

This social media platform isn’t like the others. Provoco is a challenge based social network that powered by blockchain and its monetization feature. The Provoco platform is more than just an interaction platform, it is a place where users can also create and pass challenges. Taking part in those challenges will need the use of the VOCO coin. The social challenge platform is founded by Andrius Kontrimavičius with its ICO ongoing till 31st March.

Apart from the social challenges, the Provoco platform is a place where original content can be found. It is a gateway to originality where users can watch several inspiring videos.

Provoco will deploy smart contracts for the VOCO tokens and will crease and write user contracts onto the ethereum blockchain. The Provoco app is designed to inspire members of the community to create and join numerous engaging activities daily while also creating viral contents that will keep everyone entertained and informed. The platform rewards valuable users instantly.

Consentium (CSM):-

This is a chat application developed by Hale Bame, with its ICO running till 22nd March. The application also has a multi-digital-currency consumer to consumer transfer feature while also running a chat community monetization model also called the CCM.

The main aim of the CSM is to go beyond a simple chat application and create a sustainable application that can be used for even in the future. The application will be able to host actual businesses and support real-world communities. CONSENTIUM is looking to become the favorite platform for businesses and communities to communicate with their respective clients or their community members. The chat platform doesn’t intend to be hooked on just an e-commerce and remittance platform, it aims to dominate and become the business and community network of the future.

KahnChat (KCH):-

The KCH is known as a cryptocurrency that deals with the mobile payment system. The developers, however, are planning to integrate social media platforms into it. kahnChat, developed by Ulrich Hatje and David Kan, will make social connectivity much easier by integrating the current style of payment into the fold. The payment system is designed to fully support both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

This chat app can be used to pay bills, make order payments, and fund transfer using its mobile payment section. The social media section will enable users to interact via means such as text, voice, and audio. Users will also be able to share their stories as a means to increase their followers. This is particularly useful for businesses and celebrities and other public figures.

Users can top up their wallet using either cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, or fiat currencies.

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