7 Simple Yet Effective Tips from Experts for Weight Loss

The idea of shedding a few kilos from your body will surely sound
appealing but getting the task done is certainly not as easy as it sounds. An
effective weight loss strategy includes a nutritious and wholesome diet that
can be followed in the long run. If you are serious about losing weight, it is
important to exercise at least two and a half hours a week.

Likewise, keeping the weight off is even harder than losing weight for
this requires a lifestyle change forever. But do not fret! With the right
guidance and correct approach, you can lose weight sustainably. Here we bring
you a handful of weight loss tips recommended by experts.

Record your food.

As the saying goes, while exercise contributes 20% towards weight
loss, diet contributes 80%. Recording the food you often eat can be a tad bit
annoying; nevertheless, this is extremely beneficial.

Pick a diary or any calorie counting app. Enter the foods you have
eaten throughout the day including the drinks and snacks you have consumed.
This will help you keep track of the calories you have consumed.

Many a time, we tend to ignore the snacks we consume in between meals.
Surprisingly, these foods are not only high in calories but also totally
unhealthy. By recording it, you will get a clear picture and know where to cut
excess calories.

Embrace sleep and

Many might brush aside the need for a good night’s sleep but this is
an important step if you are serious about weight loss. Several studies have
backed the fact that it is important for an adult to get a minimum of seven to
eight hours of sleep. In the past, a couple of studies have reported that poor
sleep was indirectly linked to weight gain. This is because, when we are up in
the night for longer hours, we tend to feel hungry and eat more which leads to
weight gain.

Like sleep, water too plays an important role. Drinking minimum of
three litres of water a day boosts metabolism. Doctors and health experts
recommend drinking at least half to one litre of water soon after waking up in
the morning. Another trick is drinking half a litre of water before a meal
limits the food intake. Similarly drinking water while remotely feeling hungry
prevents frequent snacking. This technique greatly aids in weight loss.

Indulge in HIIT
and strengthening exercise

HIIT workouts are the best to burn fat quickly. It spikes your heart
rate and makes your body sweat. In fact, 15 minutes of
and 30 minutes of cardio workout burn the same amount of calories.
When you run or jog, sprint in between for a few seconds. You will be immensely
benefited. Similarly, doing strengthening exercises twice a week burns more
calories and tones your body.

Snack healthily

Instead of having cream biscuits or potato chips that are high in fat,
sodium, and calories for your mid-noon and evening snack, eat oatmeal cookies
or apples. These foods are not only low in calories but also contain loads of
vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Another advantage is that fibre rich snacks keep
the stomach full and hence, you will feel satiated for a longer period of time.

Cut sugars

To lose weight effectively it is very important to refrain from
consuming sugary foods. Drinking sodas and fruit juice that are high in sugar
can easily add hundreds of calories extra to your diet effectively rendering
your weight loss efforts useless. Replace sugary drinks with plain water or
unsweetened tea and reserve sweets only for occasions and cheat days. Your
weight loss progress will be profound.

Love your beans

Including beans in your daily diet is an excellent idea especially if
you are determined to shed some kilos. Beans like chenna and rajma are an
excellent source of protein. Beans release carbohydrates slowly into the blood
and hence you will not feel hungry for a longer period of time. Similarly, it
is also very rich in fibre. Often make bean-based sabji or add some to your
salads. You will not only feel satiated but you would have also consumed fewer

Keep hunger at

When you are dieting ensure that you do not stay hungry for long. It
is important to eat in between meals so you do not overeat during mealtime.
Similarly, six smaller meals a day is good for body metabolism instead of
eating three large meals a day. If you are going to eat at a gathering ensure
you eat something fibre and nutrition-rich before leaving your house so you
don’t gorge the high-fat meal.

If you follow these seven mantras and be consistent with your
approach, then for sure you can burn the extra few kilos.

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