Why to use a Test for Data Entry Recruitment?

Recruiting candidates is a challenging task in this present time. Organizations want to get the best talent for their different designations. However, do you think it is that easy? Of course, not! Recruiting the right candidates is really daunting for recruiters these days. There are plenty of applicants that gather at the time of recruitment but only a few of them get it through. However, do you think that you pick the right candidates for the job roles?  Do you really assess their calibre and potential before you pick them? Remember, you can’t carry out recruitment programs every now and then and hence you have to be doubling conscious and careful about the ways you do the recruitment in.

In case you are hiring for a position that requires data entry skills particularly related to a Clerical role, then you should think about using data entry test. it is exactly what you might need to ensure your job applicants have what it takes before you recruit them. The test is efficient, effective and will give you the confidence to make a right and smart hiring decision. Data tests are perfect for measuring typing speed and correctness.  And yes, even if you plan to re-train your existing employees? Do you wish to enhance them with the wanted skills they require to improve their day-to-day work? Well, whatever be the case, such a test can give you an edge in your selection and bringing the ideal working setting in your organization.

What is a data test?

The Data Entry assessment has been carefully and professionally designed to test the ability and calibre of a candidate to input data with speed, correctness and copy typing in mind by constantly inputting the data given to them on the screen into the system. Such a test might also offer the option for questions to be printed rather than seen on screen, remember the point is to find out how quick, accurate and effective a person is at data entry. Every office has roles wherein a lot of data has to be entered every single day. What is the point if the data entered is not correct? It would be a big problem for the organization. For example, if there is a data related to payments and bills of clients, the employee has to be really careful with his or her data entering tasks. A single mistake and things can get out of hand.  Once you assess the data entering calibre of the candidate’s right at the time of recruitment, you can be relieved to some extent about their affectivity.

A good data entry exam is a comprehensive functional and aptitude test that is specifically designed to measure the skills of a candidate to carry out the responsibilities of a data entry operator. It gages the Basic Computer Literacy of the applicant, capability to work with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, Attention to different Details, usual Aptitude and Typing ability. Of course, different tests might have different features and you can have one as per your need and requirement.

What you actually expect from test?

Before you pick any test for assessing the data entry calibre of the candidates, you have to be mindful about what exactly you want from the candidates. You have to be sure about what you are looking for. For example, there are different levels of data entry aptitude tests. You can have one that fits best in your requirement. There are tests that are comprehensive and cover everything that you might look for. Once you discuss with other recruiters or the employers in your organization, you can come to a conclusion about the skills you want in your employees working at data entering levels. Maybe it sounds simple to fill the information in the system but you know when there are thousands of applicants and data to fill in the system, things get really demanding and confusing. So, it gets important that the candidates you choose are professionally equipped with data entering skills. There can be no type of negligence. Because sometimes what happens is, a single ‘zero’ that the employee by mistake added in the data can ruin the entire organization.  After all, all the decisions and payments do take place on the basis of analyses of data filled and entered by the dater entry personnel. If the data is not right, the other things cannot be expected to be good. So, the point is that you have to find out what you expect from the staff members and the test and only then hunt for a right aptitude test.

Tests are accurate:

These aptitude data entry tests are absolutely accurate in their existence.  Since these tests are designed specifically for recruitment purposes, the professionals have designed them to ensure that the candidates who sit in the recruitment pool get measured in the most effective manner. There has to be no type of negligence.  Most of the times, the recruiters look at the resume and do the interview and probe about the personality and past performances of the candidates and take the decision. However, they fail to explore the present calibre of the candidates. Of course, it is not easy to assess the skills of the candidates sitting in the interview without a test. Perhaps, that is the reason maximum organizations use pre-employment tests like data entry exam in their recruitment program for best outcomes. And if you have any doubts about the accuracy of the pre-employment tests, you can always examine the test yourself before using it in the recruitment program. After all, it is your responsibility to recruit the best candidates for your business roles. You cannot simply pick anyone and then end up conducting another recruitment program within a month for the same designation. It would be waste of time, money and efforts.


So, data entering is a crucial role in organizations and you cannot have anyone or everyone for this designation. It would be apt if you pick the professionals who are equipped with proper skills and competency.

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