What Are The Must Watch Telugu Movies Regardless Of Their Popularity?

Here in aha cinema, we strive to provide you with the best Telugu movies, to watch however, with all the Telugu films those are out there it is hard to choose which one to watch.
However, if you are one of those people who have already seen a lot of Telugu movies especially the movies that are popular or highly recommended in mainstream media and are looking for something that is worth watching regardless of their popularity then this article is especially for you.
We as a team have put together a list of Telugu movies that are not necessarily popular but are definitely a must-watch and there are many more Telugu movies to watch in aha.

Oohalu Gusagusalu

Gusagusalu is a romantic comedy film so it is definitely a film that is amazing
to watch over the weekend with your significant other.
movie follows Venky (Naga Shourya) who aspires to become a newsreader but
struggles to do so and for the past 4 years he is stuck working as an anchor.
boss Uday (Srinivas Avasarala) who is awkward around women knows of this fact
and uses it to ask for help from Venky who is amazing around women to help
impress a girl.
Venky agrees to help his boss, he later finds out that the girl that his boss
is trying to impress is his ex-girlfriend.

Uyyla Jampala

Jampala is a romantic but in the realm of forbidden love. The movie follows 2
cousins Soori (Raj Tarun) and Umadevi (Avika Gor) who have known each other
since childhood.
of them has an opposite background, Soori grew up in a modest upbringing and
Umadevi grew up in a more comfortable environment. As they grew up Soori fell
in love with Umadevi but Umadevi falls in love with Parthu (Shashank
Srivastava) who is a techie.
Soori is suspicious of Parthu and Umadevi’s relationship and decided to


movie takes place on a cruise ship where Sreeram (Sumanth) and Seetha
(Kamalinee) both decided to go on a river cruise due to a series of unfortunate
circumstances that have happened to them individually.
enough the unfortunate event that has happened to them is similar in many ways.
As they both embark on the cruise ship they accidentally met each other and
begin a romantic relationship together on the cruise.
is the entire list from this article, and if you are looking to explore more
genres of Telugu movies to watch you can look for more and stream them at aha

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