Top 5 Benefits of Recycling an Existing Content

Content recycling consists of taking back content already published and previously distributed as part of a marketing device. Content recycling saves time, productivity and, of course, reduces production costs in e-commerce development.
It can also help capitalize on pre-existing backlinks in the SEO agencies.
There are different forms of content recycling. It is thus possible to update articles or white papers already published, to decline content in different forms or to cut an old white paper into different articles.
In the world of web content, there are mainly 2 types of sites.
Ø  On the one hand, the news sites, on the lookout for news that must come out the scoop before everyone else.
Ø  On the other hand, content sites that reassure a customer for the purpose of a possible future purchase.
To write web content, your article must not only be relevant and useful, but also as timeless as possible.
As you publish more and more content, your audience will naturally prefer the most recent articles to old articles even if they are timeless.
So, it is quite normal that an article that has had its success there at 6 months, completely forgotten today. That's just the way things work on the web.
Fortunately, we can recycle web content. Just take inspiration from what has worked in the past to recreate content with a quality superior to the original you published a few months ago.
You can simply modify or present it using another point of view or add something new to it to publish new content.
At a minimum, give it some freshness.

Top 5 Benefits of Recycling an Existing Content:

1.   Easier to create

Recycling web content is above all easier and faster to create.
Indeed, there are already some elements like images or quotes that do not need to be modified.
If you're running a business, and managing the content of your business blog yourself, it can save you a lot of time.
To recycle content, you simply need to add new information or present it in a new light.
You do not have to rethink it totally.

2.   Good for SEO

Obviously, SEO is not only a question of quantity, but quantity plays an important role in SEO.
This means that when you recycle web content that has been successful, you republish content that is likely to attract new traffic from search engines. Thus, you increase your chances of winning new customers.
In other words, by recycling quality web content, Google becomes your friend because Google loves quality content.

3.   Reach a bigger audience

Your prospects consume information in different ways.
Most people prefer visuals, others prefer to read.
Some have little time to spare and will just browse the subtitles of your articles, while others will read with interest all of your content.
Some prefer long articles and complete, while there are those who just want to go to basics or linger over an image, a quote or a computer graphics.
By recycling your web content, you reach more prospects and customers across different mediums.

4.   Increase the credibility of your brand

Repeating the same information is a key marketing tactic.
However, your visitors get tired of seeing and hearing the same message all the time.
To be effective, you want to deliver your message in different ways.
Recycling your web content is therefore a stylish way to increase your credibility in the market.

5.   Increase the life and value of your content

Daily, tens of thousands of contents are published and tens of thousands of contents become obsolete.
Because once your content is read, your readers have a priori got what they were looking for.
On the other hand, by recycling your web content effectively, the same audience can come back to see you through your content once modified, or on a different medium. For your readers, it becomes a new experience, which is invaluable.

In conclusion:

Recycling web content is a great way to get the most out of your web content efforts, while saving time and expanding your audience.
As I said, for those of you who are running a business and have chosen a Web content strategy, it's a source of many benefits.
Junaid Ali Qureshi
is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech,, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.

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