Top 10 Classified Apps To Post Online Ads From Your Mobile Phone

Top 10 Classified Apps To Post Online Ads From Your Mobile Phone:

Mobile phones are everywhere and the ease
which mobile apps provide to do tasks is stupendous. It is not easy and
sometimes possible to access your desktops and laptops. In such cases, mobile
phones are powerful tools. Today, barring few exceptions, most of the work
which can be done using laptops and desktops can now be easy;ly executed using
mobile phones. Phones today have so many features that things like paying
bills, building presentations etc can be done using them at a quick pace and
amazing ease and this is true in case of posting classified adds too. 
Today, a
number of mobile applications have come up which facilitates users to post
classified adds using the smartphones on their hands without much hassle. Top
10 such mobile-friendly classified applications are briefed below.
5miles App
This is the app which gives an additional
feature with your add postings via phone, that provides your voice description
too. This app verifies accounts with contact/phone numbers and is also safe
when it comes to transactions. Without permission, no one can get access to
your phone numbers.
The app which is useful to buy and sell the
old things. You can get rid of the stuff you don’t want by selling them online
using this app for your add posting. It also has an option of private chats
where one can deal with sellers/buyers.
Wish Local
It is a free app which has a chat option
for buying and selling stuff. There are many categories that this app offers to
put your product under. The chat option is available which can be used for
private dealings.
Garage Sale
Get good deals on this apps at your
affordable prices if you are here for buying something using this app. This is one
of the best apps to provide online postings for classified adds too. Within
seconds you can get your adds posted and your goods can be marked under sale
pending, available and sold status.
KSL Classified
It is good classified apps with simple features
to offer. Not only adds, you can post job vacancy through this app too and can
get the employer for your organization an as well.
NL Classifieds
One of the best-classified posting apps
which provides facility to post adds including pictures. Not all apps give this
facility. The classified listing can be deleted anytime and photos can be added
using gallery or you can get a current picture and post immediately.
Locanto Classifieds
It is ranked among best-classified apps for
posting via mobile. The highly trusted app, you can post your add-in under
categories of your choice just like the other apps. You can update your
listings anytime. Also, sellers can chat without revealing their identity.
Gumtree App
It is among top picked apps for classified
posting. There are no limits, you can post as many advertisements you want.
Buyers also get app alerts which inform about the best deals available.
Quikr Classifieds
It is one of the simplest and highly
popular apps for classified posting, buying and selling stuff. You can select
the category of your choice under which your product is suited. It is available
both for Android and Apple users.

One of the top names in ad classifieds arena,
OLX has attained a safe and secure status when it comes to buying or selling
products. You can use this app for buying/selling in the different parts of the
world or in the city of your choice. Classified add posting is absolutely free
of cost here.

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