Tips to Increase Visitor Stay On Your Website

The blog that you write for has a lot of factors that search engines use to rank your website on search engine’s results page. Search engine’s results page is commonly abbreviated as SERP. The SERP is the result of numerous logarithms and SEO techniques used by webmasters and search engines. The goal with SERPs is to rank higher. The higher, the better. SERPs can get your visitors on your website that you turn into customers or viewers who generate revenue for the blog. But there is more. It also helps to increase the overall SEO score of a site. Prepostseo built a platform that allows SEO professionals to measure their site’s SEO score.

Once the visitor is on your website, you also want them to stay. In order for them to gain something from the website, they must stay and use the tool or service that you are offering. This is important for a number of reasons as we shall discuss in the next sections. You must maximize your visitor stay time. Here is why and how.

What does it mean to have a good visitor stay time?

According to one source, the visitor stays on the website for an average blog is less than a minute. This is very short. The same source states that typically a visitor only reads the quarter of what is written on a page that it decides to visit. Only a few of the visitors stay any longer. It is in those couple of seconds that your blog must speak for itself. It is when you are advertising your content while the content is being read itself. If the visitor does not enjoy it in the first few seconds, they would not want to stay and you lose a valuable visitor.

This is not a one-time metric. The more a visitor stays on your blog, the more the visitor likes it. The more the visitor likes it, the more there is a chance of staying. If the chance of staying is high, so is the chance of a revisit. Revisits translate into bookmarking the website. Often times people share the content that they like with their friends and social media. This how you expand the total number of visitors coming to your website.

How to improve visitor stay of your website?

In order to improve the visitor stay on your website, you will need to take a couple of steps. These steps are not only going to help you improve the visitor stay but the overall ranking of your website on SERPs. Both your on page and off page SEO will be affected. It will be improved. You have to work on these factors as mentioned below.

Content is everything

Start with the content. It is everything. And when we stay everything, we literally mean it. This is because the content is the main component of all the SEO techniques out there. You did think that content does not help in doing the entire SEO ranking. But the case is opposite. All the techniques that are in the SEO are in order to compensate for the fact that not all content is coming from the most creative and credible sources. Work on the grammar of your blog. It has got to be flawless.

Work on researching. What makes content incredible other than the ideas is the research to back up those arguments. When you show people the credible resources that are endorsing your point, it adds value to not just the content but also goes on to show that how much of time you have invested in creating that content. Come up with ideas that are revolutionary. For this, start reading more. Learn about what other bloggers are talking about. Read books on your niche. Try to find people on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook who are working in the same niche as yours. These can both help in cross-promotion. You can gain social media following from their platforms.

Start adding better words to your vocabulary. Don’t even think about plagiarizing in your content. Work on the different structural aspects of your content. Make sure that you add subheadings to your blog. These help in building coherence in your blog. You are able to give your visitors a sense of accomplishment as they continue to read your blog posts. Build a platform that people will talk about later.

Type slow, type right

In this fast paced world of technology, what you should do is work with precision. This means that the more the total number of words, the less they seem to deliver value in this fast-paced world. People don’t get the time to read long stories. Whether it is social media or news websites, content creation industry knows that it has to cut time short. Same goes for the movies in the cinemas today. People want to learn things in the little amount of time. And really, it is not that difficult if you are blessed with the art of thinking before what you are writing. Try to first create an outline before you start typing. This will not just maintain coherence, but also keep you in your word limit. Once you are done writing, give it some rest. Try to reread what you have written. Hire a proofreader if you need to. You can use online checkers like grammar checker, plagiarism checker, word count checker and readability checker to further confirm your stance on the precision of your blog.

Give people the home feels

Facebook is so successful today because it is its mission to build a world community. We live in small communities on the internet as well. But Facebook wants to connect us all. Through these communities, we interact and build relationships. This is one of the reasons why we want to further stay in those communities. You can do the same for your blog. Start a blog where people can comment and interact with each other. This also gives other bloggers from the same niche the opportunity to visit your blog and not only find an opportunity to collaborate with you but to interact with your visitors. 

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