Tips to Ensure Your SEO Stays Intact While Having a Website Redesign

Tips to Ensure your SEO Stays Intact while Having a Website Redesign:-

A web redesign
is inevitable for any growing organization. In order to stay relevant in a
niche, it’s important to provide quality services. Having a website with a
design that reflects your business vision and individuality in the market is
important for succeeding in the ever-increasing market competition. As such,
opting for a Web Design Company that
can help you go through the task is an ideal option.

Whether you
have a well-trained in-house team for managing website redesigning or are
looking to choose an option from 
Website Design Services in India
providers, you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly. There’s always
some change in user preference. Therefore, one cannot ignore having a web
redesign. But ensure that while doing so, all your SEO efforts remains safe and
sound. Want to know how? Well, here’s how:

Redesign your Website without Losing SEO:-

While making
your website lucrative to potential customers and enticing existent clientele,
you need to ensure your
SEO remains unaffected once the process of website redesign is done.
You can consult some opportune Web
designing services
provider in case you aren’t sure about keeping the SEO
unchanged. Anyways, here are some tips to help you with your DIY chore of
maintaining SEO.

Website Redesigning Tips:-

Follow these
small things to ensure your website redesigning errand doesn’t hurt your SEO:

    Analyze Meta tags
of your website to know how well search engines position you in SERPs
   Go through
competitor research once again, especially for the keywords they are using.
Analyze how well they are getting ranked for their targeted keywords
   Prepare a list
of keywords related to your client base and niche. Also, add keywords and
phrases to the list based on your search engine user query findings
     Generate meta
tags as well as page titles for your website content
    Use the Search
Console to find out about issues pertaining to sitemaps, crawl stats and links
Look for
blocked content with 404 and Robots.txt errors
Prepare a list
of all internal and external links related to your website
Identify all
content on your website indexed by search engines
Have a backup
of everything, just in case]
Research about
strategies adopted by website design
services in India
providers to provide impeccable website redesigning

Some Implementation Tips:-

Here are some
website redesign implementation tips that will ensure everything goes smoothly
for your SEO:

Check for crawl
rate errors in the search console
Index new
webpages and links
Generate and
submit an XML Sitemap to the search console
Add 301
redirects from old links to the new ones
webpages and update URLs on the redesigned website
So, that was all about taking care of things
while having a website redesigning. You can go for a Website Design Services in India to help you through the task in
case issues arise or you’re feeling not so right to take care of all of it all
by yourself.

Vishal Vivek is
the Co-Founder & CEO of SEO Corporation, an award winning SEO & Web
agency. A motivational speaker, blogger, guts wrenching risk taker, pet lover
and workaholic CEO. Credited for taking SEO Corporation from living room to
immense heights with his vision and brute passion. When he is not writing or
researching, you can find him deeply engrossed in books or playing with his

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