Things to Know About Android P Features

a group of cool and exciting features this year Google is focused on making our
digital lives calm and organized through Android P. Concentrating on missing
features from the initial release version, company worked with different approach
on the first Android P preview and its major features. The changes that an
average user can take advantage of.

comparing with the second beta, we have a better idea of what to everyday users
can expect from Android P. Google with such unique step is trying to make smart
phones adapt to user habits with the help of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

renovating the User Interface, the
Android P now
offers you great features to curb your phone usage. Without further delay,
let’s go through some of the best Android P features.

Gesture Navigation:-

Gesture Navigation: Only an option
is given to use a new single home button instead of three buttons set on the
home screen. This change allows users to swipe up to view recent apps along
with a UI that suggests apps you might use. Swiping the button left and
right lets you quickly switch between apps. These changes make navigation
more easy and friendly.


Dashboard: Google
broadcasted a group of features that help you to control how you use your
phone. It’s easy to lose track of time while you are glued to your phone
watching YouTube videos, playing games, or checking out social media. As it is
all about time ‘Dashboard’ allows to breaks downs phone usage data to show how
you spend time on your device.
includes a pie chart signifying the time spent in each app per day and also in
hour by hour basis. The details such as number of times you unlocked your phone
or total number of notifications you have received can be viewed.

Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT:-

This new feature enables indoor GPS
style tracking by determining your location within a building and
facilitating turn-by-turn directions to help you navigate indoors. It’s one of
the best features that Android fans are waiting for.
It means you can now find
your way across short distances within malls and large buildings. Android
P now supports IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol which is also known as Wi-Fi
Round-Trip-Time (RTT).

Do Not Disturb and Wind Down:-

Do Not Disturb: Android
P act smart through its modified Do Not Disturb mode when anyone is busy in meetings
and family gathering where everyone demands your full presence. By activating
this feature, it not only silences the phone calls and notifications but
also all the visual interruptions like notifications that frequently pop up on
your screen.

Just put
your phone face-down on the table and it automatically enters the DND mode, to activate
Shush mode. Another gesture-based Android P feature called ‘Shush’ makes it
easier to distance yourself away from calls and notifications by enabling
Do Not Disturb mode.

Wind Down:  These days many of
us spend hours on our phones at night before we actually fall asleep. Here
comes this features Wind Down with will help you curb this habit by switching
on Night Light and turning on the Do Not Disturb mode at your chosen
bedtime. You just need to select the time at which you would like to go to bed,
and Android P will fade the screen to grayscale to help you remember to
sleep at the selected time.

Perfection in messaging apps and taking

Messaging apps:  Focusing on the messaging
apps several improvements are made to enhance the overall experience. It
includes Smart Reply that is reply quickly to messages through the notification
shade and also use suggested responses that are created by analysis of the
incoming messages.
This feature
is a provision for developers to make images viewable in the
notification shade for all incoming messages.

Screenshots:  Android P’s new screenshot editor provides an
easy and flexible platform where you can edit and share your screenshots
immediately after taking them. Without struggling with the power + volume
down buttons another handy screenshot button is added to the power menu.

Amplified security:-

Security: It is seen that once allowing an app to access to your camera and mic,
it uses them whenever required. But Android P will block apps running in the
background from accessing camera and microphones. And in any case any
attempt is done, it will be shut down and receive system errors.

With privacy
concerns like social sites tracking your activities, it’s a relief to know that
Android has revamped its privacy factor in the newest version.

We hope the above
information about Android P proves
useful to you. Please feel free to share your feedback or queries in the
comments section below.

Author Bio: Colleen Jansen
is a digital marketing expert in 
Quy Technologies, a leading Augmented Reality App Development company which provides Ar App for Education, Real estate,
healthcare, Ecommerce industry across the global. She loves to write on latest
mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises. 

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