Things a Business Needs to Know Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company?

Hiring mobile application
development services is a good move to get apps built for smartphones and
tablets. Many apps already come pre-installed but if you need a custom app, you
can hire a professional company providing software building services.

But before hiring mobile application
development services, you should have information about the app development
approaches so that you can choose the right people in right firm.

Basically there are three approaches
to get to mobile:

  • ·        
  • ·        
    Web based
  • ·        


Native apps are exclusively designed
and developed for a particular platform. There are specific tool sets, coding
languages, and technologies available for specific platform. For instance, Java
is used for Android apps and Swift for iOS apps. Native apps remain faster in
comparison of websites and hybrid apps. But the major drawback is that native
apps have complete platform dependency. So, an app created for Android cannot
run on iOS without being ported or rewritten. Developing multiple versions of a
native app requires more investments of time
and money.

Web App
or mobile optimized website:-

It’s simple and
less costly to build a web app or mobile optimized website. Standard web development
technologies like HTML5, soft blend of JavaScript and CSS are used to build
websites, which remain responsive on mobile devices too. These web standards
are platform independent thus applications created using them run across
devices that can support browsers. But they don’t provide enough offline
support. They generally lack on the grounds of performance and capability. Also, these web apps or websites cannot take the full
advantages of built-in components of a device. For example, web apps or websites
cannot access camera, accelerator and various other sensors of a smartphone.
They lack also at multi-touch gestures and double tap functionalities too.

app or a native wrapper, UI with web based app:-

apps are created using both native app development technologies and web
standards.  Native
technologies are used to create a native container for a specific platform. It’s just like a tiny browser app designed to
interact with the web part through the browser engine of a device. These apps are installed over a device like other native
apps while the back-end working is created using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
Though, the app’s UI runs locally but at the same time, it leverages the device’s
browser engine. Same as native apps, hybrid apps also have a capability of
using most of the device specific services. They are good for achieving
consistence performance.

With these differences you would be
able to hire mobile app development services in right manner…

Author Bio :- James  is the technical writer
of Mobilmindz that helps startups and enterprises in mobile
technology and having a great experience in 
Travel app development,
finance app development etc

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