Moving to Memphis? Creative Small Business Ideas that Use Self-Storage

Memphis is one of the top markets
for small business growth and development because many consumers prefer
shopping locally. They’re also always on the lookout for some great local
deals, and businesses that work on real solutions to local challenges. That’s
why a self-storage unit becomes critical to starting
a lucrative small business or side hustle.
While it’s good to leverage your
storage space in the city, it’s even more important to find the right one. You can research spaces that allow for self storage in Memphis, before reviewing them
individually. This can help shorten your research time and get started on your
next small business idea quickly.
You also need to focus on setting
up a comprehensive customer call center to deal with incoming queries about
your business. This is key if you have an online component to your small
business. You can work with the top cloud based call center software providers to
take advantage of technological advancements in the field.

Storage services for assets

Many people across the city won’t
require a massive storage space unit on a monthly basis. They’d happily pay for
storing their assets within a shared self-storage space. Many businesses across
Memphis offers storage services for assets that can be retrieved through the
business owner. This ensures that there’s no chance of theft or damage to their
assets as well.
They serve as portable storage
units, allowing for quick retrieval and no fixed fee for the customer. From
temporary furniture storage to having a private unit, customers can take advantage of many benefits.

Parking facilities

For larger self-storage units,
individuals can rent the space out to their local community members for storing
vehicles, boats, and other transportation machines. It’s a great way to keep
them out of the direct sun, and to extend their lifespan beyond market
You’re also keeping their property
safer within your self-storage unit while generating active income on your
unit. Everything from motorcycles, snowmobiles, and refrigerators to car and
boat storage can be executed from the storage unit directly.

Document storage and retrieval

For many locals in the area,
document storage is an important service that’s higher in demand. This has led
to a strong need in the marketplace for a storage space provider for keeping
documents safe. Also, document storage also allows businesses to scale up
By having a secure storage unit
system for their important paperwork, they can focus on expanding their
business across new areas. In case of a fire or accidental damage, your
critical paperwork is always protected. This ensures that you’re completely
covered no matter what happens because your business operates in the local
Memphis region.

Portable wine cellars and coolers

Many people across the state desire
extra space for storing their wines and bottles. While a dedicated space within
the house may become cumbersome, a storage space works out perfectly for these
homeowners. They can keep their wines stored in perfect conditions while extracting
them from the storage space when it’s time to celebrate.
People also love to go hunting in
the area, and they store their wild meat in an industrial-sized cooler. A
storage space can offer just that service for a well-optimized cost. Instead of
keeping a monthly storage unit that can cost hundreds, customers can work with
you at a lower price point per freezing requirements.
It’s all about finding the right
business model that works well within your community. Memphis is a growing
market that requires small businesses to offer novel solutions to a myriad of

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