Melania’s Plagiarism is a Distraction

Melania Trump was rumored to plagiarize her speech from the
one given by Michelle Obama during the Republican National Convention. This
caused a stormy reaction of the public and became the reason of different
anecdotes and memes online. However, many have also tried to defend the current
White House First Lady by saying that this is based on the inaccurate quotes
and incomplete paraphrasing.
The speech was all about honesty, inclusivity, and hard work
that brought the convention into a standing ovation. However, most commentators
stated that a part of the speech is similar to the one made by Michelle Obama
during her own convention speech in 2008.
In defense of these allegations, Trump’s party defended
Melania saying that there are just the mixed ups of common words and that
there’s no intention of plagiarism in the speech. They even blamed Hillary
Clinton said that it might be her work to discredit Trump. President’s
campaign manager, Paul Manafort, stated that there are no similarities between
Melania and Michelle’s speeches. He added that Hillary Clinton is just taking
revenge on Melania because the latter had tried to threaten her.
The said speech was one of the first that Mrs. Trump made
for the public. She enlisted the help of the speechwriting team of Trump’s
organization. Some Republican committee reacted saying that it was not
Melania’s fault, but if this is the case, she should consider firing the
speechwriter who got her into this controversy. This could be prevented if some
speechwriters used the plagiarism checkers such as which can avoid a lot of problems in
the future. Trump’s communications advisor, Jason Miller, said that the
speechwriters used Mrs. Trump’s life inspiration as the material of the speech.
The president himself described the speech as something “absolutely

Other Cases of Plagiarism

Since the issue arose in the 2016 Republican National
Convention, there are rumors that Melania Trump plagiarized a lot of her
speeches. At the Women’s History Month, there is another information
circulating on the internet saying that she copied the parts of her speech yet
again from Mrs. Obama’s Democratic Convention in 2008.

Here are the samples of plagiarism from both of the

Mrs. Trump: “March starts Women’s History Month. Let’s
celebrate the generations of American women who marched and organized for
women’s rights and changed the shape of our society.” – Melania Trump, March 1,
Mrs. Obama: “This March, Women’s History Month, let’s honor
the generations of American women who changed the shape of our society by
marching and organizing for women’s rights.” – Michelle Obama, March 8, 2012.
It is important to note that the speech is not attributed to
either of the two speakers. The quote at the top appears to be the altered
version of the message that Melania has posted on Twitter. However, the same
message was said to be the start of her speech during the Women’s History
Month. There are also no solid pieces of evidence that Michelle Obama uttered
the exact words. She delivered a speech on the International Women of Courage
Awards and another speech that is related to the Women’s History Month, but the
quote could not be found on either of the two.

Be Best vs. Be Better

There are articles online that state that Melania Trump has
finally unveiled her plans about social media platforms. This is entitled “Be
Best.” The program targets the well-being of children, cyberbullying, addresses
addiction to opium, and promotes positive vibes on all social media platforms.
This was presented at an event hosted by Rose Garden.
The plan sounds ambitious, but most observers have noticed
that the entire speech was not original. She tackled the subjects about being a
mom, preparing the children to the proper expression of their emotions online
as well as sharing information on how to prevent them from destructive
behaviors, and a lot more.
In an interview given to Oprah Winfrey, the former first
lady made a speech entitled “Be Better” during a 2016 summit in the White
House. These were not the only aspects that most critics of Trump’s
organization have noticed. They mentioned the leaflets and pamphlets of Mrs.
Trump that appeared to be entirely plagiarized from the ones released by Mrs.
Obama during the 2014 Federal Trade Commission.
Other people posted their sentiments on Twitter through
hashtags and other social media platforms. The White House has yet to comment
on the other issues. But some say that if they are untrue, then there’s no
point proving to the whole world that Melania Trump indeed copied some parts of
her speeches from Michelle Obama. Only time can tell if these allegations are
true. Some individuals who are in defense of the Trumps said that plagiarism is
a kind of distraction from the real issues that most Americans face today.

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