How to Replace the Trimmer String?

If you have taken out the string trimmer after a long period of time, at first glance and at start-up, the string could look fine and okay, but just as you start the trimming process, you would notice that small pieces of the line breaking off. If you continue to trim, then your line’s start getting shorter and shorter.
The string trimmer line gets quite delicate with age, which makes it to get break down into small pieces as you go on using it. So it is always required, to check and to replace the trimmer string with the time as it will rectify the problem and will provide better efficiency.

Choose Your Line:-

You should pick your line depending on what your string trimmer user manual suggests. By following this
instruction, you don’t want to overload the string trimmer with the line that
is either too thick or that will bog down the motor.
The line diameter should be based mainly on engine size, yard size and on what your trimmer can handle. However, it doesn’t mean you have no other options as there are plenty of trimmer lines available that are geared toward the easy trimming work at hand.
You can also have edged line for heavier and thicker weeds. You could also avail multi-sided, braided and standard round line in local stores.


Disassemble the Trimmer Head:-

Remove the string trimmer head out of the trimmer by unscrewing the bump knob. After unscrewing, take off the spring and inner reel from inside.
Now take off the old line from the trimmer and throw it away. If there is any debris present inside trimmer head, then you can remove it during this step. If this trimmer head assembly screw is loose, then better keep it aside at where you will not lose it until you find the time to reassemble it.

Insert the Line:-

Cut and prepare two pieces of 10 inches line and then double them together. Keep the lines into one of the reel holes and then pull it to the spool side until just 2 inches of line remain. Now take a left out line and keep it into the other hole and finally pull the line very tight to close the entire loop. This will hold the trimmer line in place so that it won’t spin loosely inside the head.

Bundle the Line onto the Reel:-

Bundle up the line on in the arrow direction on the reel. You can see a small
arrow embedded on this string trimmer head. The arrow location is mainly based
upon the head of the string trimmer itself. However, it will be somewhere
around the outside edge of the reel. Make sure that you have applied enough
force to make the line evenly wrapped. And it is also compulsory to make sure
not to leave too much of slack as when you bump more line out; it would feed poorly.
While you get about 6 inches of line left unwrapped, then push the strings into
the slots that are holding, keeping them in place until the next step.


Return the spring and Then Feed the Line


Insert the spring again onto the shaft in the same way that it was placed
before you removed it. Hold it down in exact place to prevent it from falling.
On the spring head, keep the eyelets and while keeping this spring in a
particular place with one hand, push the strings through the eyelets by using
the other hand. Pull them tightly into one place, and continue to hold the
spring as you move onto the next step.


Tightly close it

In this step, return the reel to its initial position on the shaft and then
line up the holding slots that are present on the reel with the eyelets present
on the head. By compressing the spring, keep the reel down and put the bump
knock back again on to the trimmer head and tighten the bump knob.

Finally, Pull the Line out

Pull the line our but don’t pull it so hard. Pull the lines in such a way that they get released from the holding slots. If the lines get into the exact place, then you are all set to begin. Just give it a few spins to ensure that it is set in exact place.
Finally, after completion of these steps, you can go and trim some pesky weeds.

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