How to Choose The Right Bicycle For You

In contemporary times, bikes tend to be more comfortable than what they used to be previously. Although the quality of bicycles has improved a lot yet riding has not become easier or hassle-free. When it comes to choosing the right bike, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Designs of bicycles have evolved, and different types of bikes suffice the requirements of varying riding conditions.  

So the big question is how you choose a bicycle that will serve your purpose. Well, there are several factors to consider apart from quality and price.

First of all, you need to have a clear idea of the purpose for which you will be riding the bicycle. A mountain bike or a racing bike will be of no use if you wish for a casual ride down the road.

If you wish to cover far distances at higher speeds then racing bikes are a good choice. Coming with narrow tires, dropped handlebars, and being lightweight, they are meant for speed and aerodynamics. Keep in mind, they will not make an apt choice for extended cycling trips. 

If you wish to experience the thrill of tearing up and down the hill then mountain bikes are the best option to go for.

•   Their flexible yet robust frame and chunky tires are perfect for withstanding a rugged rocky terrain.

•    Mountain bikes have dual suspension and low gear ratios making it useful to speed your way up the hill.

•    Keep in mind that mountain bikes are not suitable for cycling on roads as their fat tires may cause a lot of drag.

If you wish to ride your way through forest trails and sub-urban roads, then a hybrid bicycle is an apt choice.

•    Hybrid bikes are a fusion of old-fashioned utility bikes and a mountain bike.

•    They have big tires but not big enough to cause a lot of drag, so they are good to ride on regular roads too,

•    However, they are strong enough to withstand light off-road and rough tracks

•    They have suspension forks that absorb the shock that you wrist may take while cycling on uneven ground

In the contemporary market of bicycles, Scott bikes are quite popular. They manufacture different kinds of bicycles including racing bikes, hybrid, and mountain bikes. Have you ever heard of tourers or touring bicycle? They are quite popular too.

• Regarding design, they are very close to racing bikes. However, their frames are sturdy to withstand heavier loads.

• You can choose between dropped handlebars or straight handlebars.

• Their extensive gear range ensures that you can gracefully bike through steep terrains and get the substantial speed down the hill.

• Pannier racks are their main feature, and you can have it on front and rear ends simultaneously.

•  If you wish to cover a long distance then s the name suggests touring bike is a perfect choice.  
Whether you wish to cover a long distance in your bike or make your way through the steep terrain of a high stretch, do not forget to check the collection of Scott Genius bikes

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