8 Reasons Why SEO can never be Outdated in E-Commerce

is e-commerce SEO
? Well, simply put it’s when you receive consistent and quality
traffic organically from sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etcetera. Every new
business needs to generate enough customers to be able to survive but how do
you get those customers if you’re not showing up in the search result of
various websites? Well, the question then arises: How do you show up in search
results? The answer’s quite simple actually: SEO or Pay Per Click Ads (PPC).
PPC has grown in popularity lately but this article will convince you why that
is so when SEO is clearly the more impactful strategy of the two. So here are
the top 8 reasons why SEO can never be an outdated concept in e-commerce.

Absolutely Free:-

heard of having a slice of cake and eating it too? Yes, well, I haven’t either
except when I came across SEO. SEO isn’t completely free because even though it
requires no money to set you up, it does require your time. So, maybe it isn’t
completely free but hey, I think if not the entire slice, you can at least have
half of it! Especially since, research has shown that searchers respect organic
results more than paid ones. This means that even if you pay for an ad you
won’t really get as much or as consistent a traffic that you will with SEO. As
a matter of fact, Smart Insights  labeled the difference of people picking an
organic result and a paid ad as high as 94% for the former and only 6% for the
latter. So, with SEO you’re likely to gain more traffic than with PPC.

Creates Traffic and Traffic Creates Success:-

paid ads yield faster results in the short-term, more and more people are
beginning to prefer them over developing their SEO skills but you know that the
public trusts organic results more. So, outwit your competition by focusing on
being number 1 in organic search results because you know that not only is that
where your competition is not spending their time on giving you a much wider
scope of success of gaining that consistent traffic but also because you know
that your product page will have a much better chance of being viewed.

Long-Term SEO Benefit Trumps Short-Term Loss:-

it is true in the short-term SEO rarely gives you enough return on your
investment. This is because SEO is time-consuming because you have to create
the content, advertise the product in the market and establish links to your
website. And time is super valuable especially in the beginning when you’re
still in the early stages of your investment and need to be continually
improving it. But in the long-term when you begin ranking for your keywords,
you will often remain in the top search results for long periods of time which
will allow your cost per customer to be will be extremely cheap even though
your initial investment cost was high. Whereas, PPC is super cheap originally,
beginning at just a couple of dollars. However, as time passes by it becomes
more and more expensive to be able to maintain PPC since you haven’t mastered
SEO and continue to have to pay to retain your ads. This means that once your
ad drops, your traffic falls to basically nothing since ads don’t do anything
to improve your SEO after your ad is no longer functional. Thus, SEO is
essential to long-term success.

Maintains Industry Standard:-

showed that nearly 75% of internet users never actually move past the first
page of search engines. So, any company that fails to invest in SEO agencies
risks its longevity because it’ll be unable to compete against those who have.
The only other option that will remain open to this company will be paying increasing
amounts of money for PPC which will only increase depending on the duration and
placement of the ad. Thus, adding a burden to the company that may very well
sink the ship. Moreover, SEO is maintaining company standards. You see,
Google’s improved its search system so that it is better able to accommodate
today’s demands. For example, online companies that do not support mobile sites
are dropping on organic search results thus, forcing companies to advance with
the system. This makes SEO essential not only for visibility but also for quality
control of a company and therefore, the industry.

Helps Improve Your Ecommerce Experience:-

from the point above, SEO is not only a tool that brings you traffic but is
also a tool which helps you grow in the direction of the wants and needs of the
consumer essentially making your website more friendly and popular amongst your
viewers. Hence, making sure your site is visited often enough and thus, giving
you a greater chance at success. Quite important when it comes to sustaining
and expanding a business.

gets you customers who matter:-

or even social media optimization lead to you investing time towards an
audience that has a greater likelihood of not ending up as a paying customer
but SEO concentrates your search towards searchers who will actually provide
you benefit. For example, an SEO search of ‘dark chocolate brownie’- doesn’t
get more specific than this- leads to you. Of course, this person wants to buy
it! So, SEO is getting you customers who matter.

increases your attribution points:-

you rank higher in SEO, SEO will build your brand equity. Once, your brand’s
awareness increases SEO will multiply your attribution points which are the
number of times a customer sees your brand. Naturally, the more times the
customer sees your brand, the more likely they will be to trust it. Thus,
making it even more likely for them to become paid customers.

propels offline sales:-

people search online before they go to a store so, SEO is basically operating
sales offline. This is because many people will walk into your store if they
like what they’re seeing online which they’ll only be able to see if your
SEO agency
has kept you in Google’s good books.
hope these 8 reasons have moved you to search the internet to find the
best SEO agency
that suits your requirement so that you can give your business the push it
needs towards unlimited success!

Junaid Ali Qureshi

is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain
traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads.
His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online.eLabelz, Smart
Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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