7 Issues Which can Boost Your Site Rank within 15 Day

1.    Keyword Implementation Strategically:

Here the First error/issue/problem comes out when we try to input our keyword throughout the blog or article. But we don’t understand one thing and that is proper and pure content always gets more traffic. Only the implementation of keyword without understanding can bring lower rank in the Search Engine. So when you try to write a blog post or article keep that in your mind that you need to optimize the content with the proper keyword which will give you more traffic. It is suggested that when your writing article, keep your targeted keyword besides your writing. Try to put them where necessary. 

You can follow the advice given below while writing SEO content:

       ·        Try to keep the keyword ratio under 4%.
       ·        Try to put long tail keyword.
       ·        Try to put your targeted keyword on the first 100 words.
       ·        Try to get the focus of your audience on your keyword.
       ·        Make your article actionable.

2.    Be Organic Get Organic:

This is the most important thing while you make content for your website. Try to write something by yourself. Don’t copy. Never.

When Google finds out you copied from someone it will kick you out from ranking. Plagiarism is always a crime. You have no right to copy from someone sites and then put it on your website by declaring your content.

When you publish organic content people will somehow engage on your topic. It may take time but it will give you a great result in the future.

3.    More Keyword, More Traffic, More Ranking:

Writing longer content is very boring but in the case of SEO, to get a result you need to write long content. You can write long content easily. Who tells you to write 2000 word in a day. You can write and publish 500 words. Now here comes the point, After writing 500 words you need to update the content regularly which is very easy. If you add 200 words in 10 days the article will stand up to 2500. And that’s how you can make your content Great. We know that Google always give rank to longer content and If your content is optimized, That’s superb.

People who visit your site always look for quality content. Extending the keyword is not the main thing. The thing is you have to update your same post with new and fresh content.

Even SEO hacker’s like Neil Patel, Brien Dean also recommend the same process.

4.    Site Navigation and Internal Linking:

Your site Navigation and Internal linking is a very basic strategy but very effective. Many of us don’t want to give our time on internal linking. But it is very important to give focus on internal linking. Google always watches over it.[Insert Image].

So to make the best use of internal linking.

With Site navigation, You have to keep it on your mind that EVERY PAGE MUST be LINKED WITH HOMEPAGE.

This problem occurs when you make a new page without understanding the site navigation. Cause Site navigation is always under internal linking.

5.   Link Siloing:

Most of us might not be familiar with this term. This term may be new to many of us. But Link siloing is becoming popular these days. Link siloing can easily describe Google what is your website about. Let’s have a look in the following pic.

The Images shows us how link siloing works. It clears out the main Image of the website. You can do it easily by following some steps,

1.       Get a paper or open a word file.
2.      Write down the category name with your targeted page.
3.      Now go to Google and start hunting the pages with “site:www.yoursite.com” “Keyword”.
4.      With every keyword, you get in the page link it with the targeted page as you planned.

 6.    AMP- Boost Your Rank at the Speed of Light:

AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Page”. Sounds like interesting when you get something like that. Right?

Now every people who owned a blog or website want to get AMP in their website. It is as simple as water.

If you do have any WordPress website then go to it and install the plugin named “WP AMP”.

It will automatically install AMP in your WordPress website.

But for other who designed a website with HTML, its little bit hard. You just need to put some coding in your HTML and that’s it. 

7.  Rich Snippet is very destructive:

A rich snippet is a coding which can introduce your site to Google more specifically. It is not something like you can’t do it by yourself. Just need some basic coding knowledge and that’s it. You already have put rich snippets in your website.

According to Google’s last update sites having rich snippet are getting better ranking.

 So don’t be late. Try to implement snippets in your website from now.

6.     On Page SEO can become primary Weapon:

This should be given first priority when you are ranking a website or blog site. You can do this easily if you have a good and nice plan with on page SEO. On page SEO is a term which can never be removed from ranking algorithm. It’s better to get the high score on On page SEO. You can check out at HOTH.com. It’s a good website to check yours on page SEO health.

“We provide best on page SEO service

7.      Boost site speed and Get More Traffic:

Another thing which is burning down the current SEO world is Site speed. Usually, People wait 3-7 second to load the page. Unless they come out from the site which increases the bounce rate. For that, your current Google ranking may fall down. Even if your competitor page takes less than your page loading time, then you are going to lose your traffic.

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