4 Questions to Guide Your Screwdriver Set Choice

 Whether the right
screwdriver is critical to your core operations or you just need the perfect
tool on standby, a full screwdriver set is something just about every
organization should have in the toolbox.
The list of reasons for needing to install, remove or adjust a full
universe of different fasteners is as long as your arm, so it’s just bad for
business if you’re caught out as the manager who didn’t equip their workplace
with the right tools.
  Leaving your
workers with a standard screwdriver to tackle an Allen bolt is like providing
the chef with a cocktail fork to dish up soup – but the good news is that the
screwdriver set you need is not just a click or three away, it can be perfectly
matched to your budget.

4 Questions to Guide Your Screwdriver Set Choice

But while you might think
the bad news is that overwhelming feeling when you start browsing
screwdriver sets and realize you’re way out of your depth, it’s
actually not too difficult to hone in on the set that really works for your
team.  And the best way to start is by
answering these simple questions:

1. How many pieces do I

The first thing you’ll
notice when you browse screwdriver sets is that there is no standard number of
pieces for those kits.
  It can be
tempting to just grab a massive kit that covers every eventuality, but that
simply won’t be needed for the workspace with the occasional need for a bit of
casual maintenance.
  Similarly, even a
sizeable generic screwdriver set may not include the specialty pieces that your
particular tasks call for.

2. What special features
should I look for?

As you’ll discover,
screwdriver sets are definitely not all created equal.
  For instance, some sets will magnetize the
bits to make working with fiddly and difficult-to-handle fasteners a lot
easier, whilst saving plenty of time and tears when one of them falls into an
impossible-to-access abyss.
  On the other
hand, your screwdrivers may need to be insulated to provide protection against
electric shock or feature certain certifications in order to meet your
workplace or broader regulations.

3. Do the handles matter
that much?

In a nutshell, the answer
is “yes”!
  The simplest is
basically nothing more than simple cylinders, with perhaps some shaping for
  The next level is rubberized or
textured patterning for much better grip, whilst some sets will include
screwdrivers that incorporate a nut in the haft or a full hole through the
middle to enable powerful torque with the assistance of a separate wrench or
  Often, a single universal handle
will be the heart of your screwdriver set with a range of interchangeable tips,
making clear that the handle itself should never be dismissed as an afterthought.

4. Should I be guided by

Put it this way: a
stubborn fastener is before you, and you have the option of a budget
screwdriver that the accountants just love, or a true industry jaw-dropper with
ergonomic cushion grip, 100% stainless steel construction with extra hardened
tip, a premium eye-catching design, and a price-tag that means it’s mainly the
Formula 1 mechanics who are spotted with them in their hot little hands?
  Sure, some people swear by their trusty
budget screwdrivers, but generally, it’s a vast and competitive product range
that well and truly proves the maxim: “You get exactly what you pay

So whether flat-head or
Phillips, Torx or Allen, premium price or budget, interchangeable or specialty,
insulated or hammering and much more besides, the exact screwdriver set your
workplace needs is just around the corner. 
To ensure you’re getting bang for your buck and covering every base, get
in touch with an industry expert today to guide the perfect selection.

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