10 On-Page SEO Checklist for Ecommerce Sites

E-Commerce Industry is growing rapidly as most businesses have started shifting to the web-platform by developing their personal e-Commerce stores. If you are a startup and want to launch your own eCommerce store, then you should first hire a reputed eCommerce Development Company to design a user-friendly e-Commerce store. Besides this, Search Engine Optimization of the Store also plays an important role in doing good business. In this article, we have listed down On-Page SEO Checklist for eCommerce sites. 

If your eCommerce store is not doing well, then you should follow this checklist to understand the basics of running a successful e-commerce site.

10 On-Page SEO Checklist for Ecommerce Sites

     1.     Structure of the Site:

Make sure the site structure is simple. The design or structure of the site provides a user-friendly interface to the new users. It helps the users to find out the relevant information. It also helps the Search Engine to fetch the right information which makes your listing high in the Google Search Results.

     2.     Page Titles:

Headings play an important role in ranking your site or a particular website on Google’s Search Results. Page Titles is important and must be monetized for on-page SEO. Make sure the title of the page title is less than 70 character. Don’t forget to include the brand name, primary keywords within the title. You should not insert the Keywords forcefully, make your title attractive and useful to Google’s ranking.

     3.     Page URLs:

Besides the page titles, the URLs of each page is also an important factor to consider while working with the on-page SEO on your store. There should not be any special characters in the page URL of any particular page. Make sure you add the Keyword right after the domain name. This would be helpful for your blog to rank on the top in Google’s Search Results.

      4.     Keywords:

On-page SEO monetized through Keywords. Keywords are the main source of getting more traffic to your online store through Search Engines, and you should make proper use of the Keywords while adding a new page or a product. Don’t forget to do a little bit of homework while using a Keyword. You must use different types of Keyword Research Tools which are available for free.

      5.     Header Tags:

You should not avoid using Header Tags for your eCommerce Sites. Header tags are important for websites as well as for the e-commerce sites. Make sure you use the Headers tags H1, H2, H3, H4…. in the titles appropriately. This helps in attracting more users towards the listings.

      6.     Meta Tags:

Meta Tags are also important in Search Engine Optimization, and you should not forget using them in the pages of your eCommerce store. Make sure you add a useful and unique meta description while publishing a post/ page or new product.

      7.     Product Descriptions:

Before hitting the publish or add a button for a particular product on your eCommerce store, you should add a brief description of that product. Make sure you add all the essential information in the description box. When the product description is unique, it will gain more users which are good for your store.

     8.     Images:

Visuals play an important role in attracting new users, and you should also add appropriate images of the products. The images you add to the blogs should be optimized. Add proper ALT tags and title tags in the image description and other fields.

     9.     Make sure your store is Mobile Friendly:

Recently, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages for eCommerce websites and stores for mobile phone users. We all know over 60% of the users come from mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, you should design your eCommerce store mobile friendly. When a mobile phone user tries to search something, your store will appear on the top of the Google Search Results.

     10. Add Voice Search Feature:

To enhance the overall shopping experience through your eCommerce site, you should make use of the available features for your store. Make sure to add Voice Search feature besides the search box. This lets the users search for any particular products using Google Assistant or any other Virtual Voice Assistants.

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