Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

In today’s world, everyone wants to earn money online but because of the vast resources available online to earn money making typical to earn money online. Many fake sites and fake peoples also keep on revolving around the online market to scam your money promising you a right amount of earnings each month and they will flow you into dreams.

However, Today I will tell you about 5 ways by which you can make money without getting scammed. Also, these methods are available on the google. You can learn anything about these topics on Google.

Content Writing:

Content Writing is nothing else but a medium by which a person indirectly shares there point of views, their knowledge and even more using many platforms such as Social media ’s, websites, Newspapers, T.V. Channels. You can earn a handsome amount by doing content writing. Many of the newbies (One new to the online field) starts from the Content writing because this is something you have learned into your schools along with another form of presenting your ideas into words and sharing them with others.

How to start with content writing?

There are many platforms from where you can register yourself as a content writer and sell your services. For example, I will write 500 words for your website at 5$; You can approach famous websites like Forbes, Huffington that you want to contribute to their site. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, these are some of the freelancing platforms from where you can start.

2. Video Editing

Everyone prefers watching a video rather than reading books or articles, and if the video is interesting or appealing, then it appeals to the user to watch the video instead of reading articles or books. Video Editing is a process by which you use your skills to make your raw video into a final product which will be interesting, appealing to users.

How to do video editing? What is the process? How to get clients?

There are lots of free and paid software available in the market by which you can edit your video, and on youtube, you will get all the videos how to use that software to edit a video and gradually you will masters the skills. To find the clients, you can use those freelancing sites, or you can mail companies with your sample work which you have to test it from your own or ask companies that you want to work with them for free and later on paid.

3. Lottery

This is one of the methods which requires investment with luck to earn some money online. There are lots of sites online available which has a lottery and betting program where you can win much cash. The lottery is not allowed many of the states of India, but if you are in the 13 states in which the lottery is allowed, You can make some cash it, but you can lose them the same way. Currently, many websites are giving you the opportunity to check online lottery sambad results
Some of the betting sites are:- bestway, rummy circle and thousands of more sites.

4. Blogging:

This is one of the best methods to make money online, but it takes an average time of 3 months to generate revenue for you and even more than that as it depends upon the quality work you do. Blogging is building a website platform and sharing your content which can be about any gadget, Education, Reviews and thousands of more things you can write on your website. Blogging takes a lot of hard work and patience to keep going, and most of the peoples who try blogging to earn few bucks get failed because of their impatience and no quality work.

How can I start? How will people come to my site? How can I monetize those visits?

Well, you have to go to any domain registrar like a big rock, GoDaddy and then you have to choose your domain, and then you can use any hosting provider for hosting and connect domain and hosting. You can use any free site builder like WordPress to build your site, and now you are good to go and can share your inputs in front of the world.
You have to learn SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation to get users to visit on your site, and you can monetize those visits by using Google Adsense ( A type of program of google by where you can put ads of the publishers on your site to monetize those visits).

5. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a method of optimizing the site according to Google’s Algorithm so you can rank your website on the top and earn maximum clicks for the maximum revenue. You can even rank your sites on Google using this method and can earn a good amount of money every month from Google which is certified obvious. You can do this for other clients and companies too. You can start doing free for companies, and once you have done showing your work and results, you can take paid projects from them.

If you like our short guide on how to earn money online, then please let us know in your comments how beneficial this guide can be for you. Thanks for reading, I know you are awesome.

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