Top 20 Best Content Marketing Tools: Best Tools For Online Marketers

Top 20 Best Content Marketing Tools: Best Tools For Online Marketers:-

1) Pulse
is the tools which give current information about the top business headlines
and business news curated by the LinkedIn. News can be can personalized here.
2) Trapit:-
Trapit: This is Designed
for iPad. And it provides one with relevant content to the employees. With the
help of this tool, sharing of content on social networks, customers and
prospects are also possible.
3) Feedly:-
the help provided by Feedly, one can add their favorite blogs to get the
content on the topics of interest in one’s feed. Feedly has nearly 7 million users currently.
4) Quora:-
know the types of questions people are asking, Quora is one of the bests apps to be used
for this [purpose. One gets familiar with the ongoing trends in the market and
accordingly draft the content for blogs.
5) Twitter:-
Twitter:  Hashtags are related and useful to your
industry, business or brand. With the help of these one comes to know about the
kind of audience that is interested in your and their wants.
6) One can
witness relevant and engaging stories from social media and the web by using
this platform. One also gets access to newsletters and online newspapers from a
plethora of sources across the web.
presents you with the top news from across the web. The latest updates are
provided in the form of news and tell what is going on in the industries.
8) Reddit:-
Reddit – Considered
was mainly known as the entertainment site earlier, but presently it brings
insights to various subject matters for content marketers.
9) MailChimp:-
MailChimp – Get your
content marketed to your email list by using this one of the best email
marketing platforms. At this platform, contacts can be organized, send emails
and track results, whether the email has been opened/read by the recipient or
10) Slideshare:-
Slideshare – Nowadays,
this tool is used to promote their product or service or content/ new releases
etc whatsoever they want to share with the world concerned with the marketing.
11) Buffer:-
The buffer provides a service to choose the time
one wants their content to be posted on social media. You can schedule your
content according to the time of your choice.
12) PRWeb:-
a massive following of nearly 30,000 journalists, 250,000 opt-in news
subscribers, and 3 million monthly visitors, PRWeb is used for the creation of
one’s own press release by using various tools supported by PRWeb.
13) Fellowmen:-
goal of this site is to find correct people for your work in on social sites.
It is targeting based social advertising and allows the facility to target the
relevant audience with regards to the content you develop.
14) Promoted
Posts On Facebook:
one, can i and increase the presence of one’s post. These Promoted posts are
featured in front of all the users and they can view your content without any
15) Yoast
tool functions as a supporting tool for your website. It provides strength to
the website content and is considered the best SEO plugin that permits the
content to be featured on the top list of popular search engines.
16) Inbound
is a tool which provides the information about the choice of your readers.

17) Google
Keyword Tool:-
the correct mixing of keywords to construct the headlines and write the body of
one’s articles in accordance with the frequently searched subjects on the web ,
and this tool is an amazing tool to do it.

18) Get

your stuff saved, discover and recommend the finest stories on the web by
making use of this tool.

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