These are certain things to avoid while Learning English


The major mistake we all do when we are
learning English is that we convert Hindi to English. This is a completely
wrong approach and leads to definite failure.

This is so because the grammar and he
science of the language of Hindi and English is completely different. There are
many differences and thus when you convert Hindi to English then you will
definitely make many errors.

Thus when you join a Spoken English Classes
Online in India then you should beware of this mistake and definitely avoid the
conversion from Hindi to English.

This will ensure that you make less
mistakes and also that your grammar and pronunciation are correct and
appropriate. You should think in English and then speak in English. That is the
master key to spoken English success.


Another mistake many of us do is that we
try to cram sentences and words. This is not useful as English is a responsive
language and the usage of words and phrases changes with the context.

Thus you should never cram words and
sentences and you should use them regularly so that they become part of your
vocabulary and language skills.

Learning English is an art and a science
and you need to learn all the basics of grammar and pronunciation and
vocabulary to master the language. There is no shortcut and no easy way out.

You will have to work hard and only then
can you master the English language. Thus forget about cramming and concentrate
on refining and fine-tuning your grammar and also work on your vocabulary. This
is the secret of spoken English success.

Thus when you take Spoken English Classes Online then you
should remember that you need to have an open mind and learn the fundamentals
and master the language.


Another wrong approach which students
follow is that they think in Hindi and then translate into English. This is a
completely wrong approach and is bound to fail. As stated earlier the grammar
and vocab of both the languages are different and converting words and
sentences will not work. Thus you should never think in Hindi and rather start
thinking in English to become a fluent speaker of the English language.


Some of us make the mistake of picking up
an accent. Especially those students who have worked in call centers pick up
and accent and this spoils your spoken English skills.

You are Indian and you should speak in the
neutral English accent and only then will you be able to speak naturally and
with the flow. Moreover, an accent seems artificial and people will not like to
listen to you if you speak with an accent.


It is a good idea to avoid watching
Hollywood movies as most of them are in the American accent and thus are very
difficult to understand. If you want to watch English movies, then watch Indian
movies made in English and this will help you much more.

Also, you should listen to the Indian
English news daily and this will give you good exposure to new words and words
and will also help you improve your vocabulary.

Thus as we can see that you should
completely avoid all the above-mentioned things if you want to become a good
speaker of English and impress all with your fantastic English speaking skills.

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