Requisites for Getting General Contractors License in Florida

A general contractor is
someone who is licensed to offer varied services in the construction industry,
ranging from planning construction activities to supplying labor, material, and
equipment, required for a construction project. If you also aim to obtain a
general contractors license, then you are required to do
Florida general contractor exam prep. To make the task easy for you, we have come
up with a list of the requisites that you need to know and should fulfill for
becoming a licensed contractor in Florida.

Age – A candidate desirous of obtaining a general
contractors license by passing the Florida
Contractors Exam
must be at least 18 years of age.

Examination: Those desirous of obtaining a general contractors license in Florida
are required to pass the Florida contractor’s license exam. It is an
open book and time-limited test for which you should not just have a good
understanding of current materials but also have the capacity to solve the
paper efficiently. Therefore, a candidate must devote a good deal of time
towards Florida Contractors Exam prep to
increase speed and efficiency.

One can study with the help of home study
materials or can join a reputed
Florida Contractors License School. These institutes dedicate their resources to
provide quality and result-oriented contractor exam preparation and guidance to
students through construction books, other construction exam study materials,
and continuing education classes. Some of such reputed schools have set
benchmarks in terms of enabling their students to pass the Florida Contractors License Exam the very first time.

Experience/ Education: To qualify for a certified building
contractor’s license, a candidate must fulfill one of the following
requirements –

  • ·       A
    four-year construction-related degree from an accredited college and one-year
    experience in the category applied for
  • ·      Experience
    of a year as a foreman and at least three years of credits from accredited
    college-level courses
  • ·        
    years’ experience as a worker
  • ·      A
    certified residential contractor having an active current license for a minimum
    of 3 yrs doesn’t require any other experience
  • ·        
    requirements differ for Military Veterans, including one of the following –
  • ·       Three
    years of military service and one-year experience as a foreman in the category applied
  • ·      Two
    years of military service, one-year experience as a foreman and one-year
    experience as a worker in the category applied for
  • ·       One-year
    of military service, one-year experience as a foreman, and two years experience
    as a worker in the category applied for

In addition, applicants for the Certified
Building Contractor License must be experienced in four or more of the following
areas – foundation/slabs greater than 20,000 sq. ft., steel erection, masonry
walls, precast concrete structures, the form work for structural reinforced
concrete, column erection, and elevated slabs.

Financial Information – Applicants also have to provide their credit
reports as a proof of their financial stability.

Applicants need to provide proofs of the property damage insurance and the
worker’s compensation insurance they have obtained as per the state rule and

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