Key Functional Areas for Human Resource Departments

Managing people is not why an entrepreneur goes into business. It is widely noticed that small business owners often lack the interest or skill-set to manage their most valuable asset – their human resources.

Being a science of its own, the art of managing people is complex.

For top executive search firms in India, managing people is much more than hiring and scheduling workers. The process is all about creating an environment that employees thrive in and get excited to be a part of. And, that takes focus, strategy and tireless efforts.

Core areas of HR:


Those days are gone when the roles and responsibilities of human resources were limited to sourcing, hiring and training new talent. In today’s times, it is not just important to employ capable professionals but to also to retain existing, especially when they are in the key roles in organizations. Without a plan to retain key capabilities, all businesses, small or large, will struggle to maximize results and minimize risk.

Diversity in the Workplace

To foster and maintain among stakeholders and customers – attention needs to be given to ensuring that the makeup of the workforce supports the operations of the business and relationships. To ensure the right mix of gender, age, education and other diversity factors are considered, understood and acted on in building and sustaining the workforce – consideration needs to given to workforce planning and recruitment programs.

Employee Relations

According to job consultants in Rohini Pitampura, a workforce of engaged employees can have a high correlation to increased productivity. An important aspect of the HR management function is having a plan to develop and sustain good employee relations.

To deal with employee issues that will inevitably happen, it is important to have a process in place. Being important to successful work teams, effective conflict management in the workplace is essential. To ease the burden and stress that personal problems bring to the workplace, it is also important to have a process in place so that employees can deal with these types of issues.


According to top executive search firms in India, one of the most essential HRM practices and goals is ensuring that HR is contributing to&not negatively impacting on the productivity of the business and its employees. However, for some HR professionals, productivity enhancement isn’t always ‘front and center’ in their planning and operational actions.

For a business to operate efficiently and increase profits, the HR team must put in efforts to enable an environment in which employees are most productive. In this regard, it should establish well-planned programmes and understand how HR programs such as rewards and recognition, performance-based appraisals and the timely management of underperformance can be run efficiently and effectively to encourage and reward employees to perform their best.

Compliance with Labor and Employment Laws

Compliance with laws of labor and employment is the most critical HR function. By negatively affecting the company’s performance, productivity and profitability levels – noncompliance can lead to workplace complaints on grounds of biased employment approaches, policies and practices, hazardous or risky working environments and general discontent with working environments. Top executive search firms in India and HR professionals should carefully do their jobs and must be aware of all the relevant labor and employment laws.
According to leading job consultants in Rohini Pitampura, healthy and successful organizations spend the time and resources to develop a strong HR program that supports employees. Thereby employees are given the tools to perform the job and get rewarded for doing a good job make customers happy. 

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