How to Maximize Your Blog Revenue Potential in 2019

Your blog is a digital real estate that you can use for expressing your thoughts and views and benefitting the visitor with your informative posts. At the same time, it also has a commercial relevance as it can help you to earn monthly paycheques for doing what you love. Earning the very first paycheque from your blog can make you overwhelmed with joy. Apart from PPC and Google AdWords, there are a number of other ways to earn a good income out of your blogs. Here are a few of them:

Quality of your blog:

Make sure that your blog meets the ideal quality standards. Understandably you need high-quality blog posts that are not only unique and informative but should also be engaging and supported by good and clear images. However, that is not enough you should also consider some other factors too like:
·         URL: When you buy domain name make sure that it is short, relevant and easy to remember. Also, don’t forget to add an element of uniqueness. For instance, instead of, you can use or
·         Web Hosting: There are a number of web hosting providers claiming to offer the best services. However, make sure that you should purchase a web hosting package that perfectly meets your requirements and inquire about the reputation of the hosting provider. Your web hosting plays the foundational role in determining the speed, performance, and availability- 3 fundamental factors that directly affect your site ranking.
·         SEO: Ensure that your blog should reach a maximum number of visitors and for that you need good visibility. Whether (and where) your site ranks in the relevant searches decides the number of visitors you can expect. For that, your site should meet the best SEO tactics- right keywords, good content, search engine friendly structure etc.

Performance-based revenue:

One of the most helpful links that can help you earns more from your blog is Viglik. It facilitates the monetization of your outbound links and works on a different, more rewarding model when compared to the PPC.
·         In this model, your revenue is determined by the performance.
·    Especially if you are looking to make money for the referral marketing but don’t have the expertise, time or intention to involve yourself into things like editing that could be a tedious task -then you can go for Viglink as it eliminates the need of link editing.

Sell as an affiliate:

While every single click in PPC model for advertising brings you some amount, it is too meager an amount to make sense until you get a massive number of unique clicks. If you are looking for a good amount of income in every single positive instance then you can go for affiliate programs/advertisements. These ads allow you to gain a good amount during each positive instance (read sales) as they generally offer a decent commission per sales.
·         Besides, many affiliate programs offer a push to your efforts by offering a discounted price to the end client who makes a purchase via your affiliate link. Hence instead of us relying on PPC model for your revenue, you can also go for affiliate programs to increase your revenue opportunities.
Here is some of the popular Affiliate marketing marketplace that you could join:
•    ShareASale
•    Growsumo
•    Amazon Affiliate program
•    ImpactRadius
•    Commission Junction
•    Awin

Referral Programs:

Many advertisements offer you pay referral program that allows you to refer to that specific program and earn a referral income. So it will have double benefits for you. One the one hand you can give back to your readers by offering them a good platform to earn via the internet and on the other hand, you can further increase your own income by adding more revenue platforms.
·         For the best impact, your session recommends only the reputed programs and tries to back up your data with your own earning if possible

Direct Advertisements:

While ad sense is the prime source of earring for most of the bloggers the amount per clicks pretty shall. It could be the best option for beginners and blogs with massive followers across the world. If you get some decent traffic and still count yourself as intermediate then you may think of going for peaceful advertisings. Many relatively new blogs with decent traffic are able to leverage it offers capacity a good reputation that attracts direct advertisement queries. You can also actively check if you can get the direct advertise. You can actually earn file of amount whiteface indirect advertises.
While it isn’t possible to avoid the direct, manuals efforts you can also reduce the time gap between efforts and rewards by using use plug-ins looking like AdCerks or WP advanced Ads that help you to get some go direct advertisements with a pretty decent payout.
Apart for stability and adding good revenue to your overall blog niche, these ads also help in leveraging the brand value of your blog by giving a detailed ad page. Such detailed coverage also encourages other advertisers to place their ad on your blog retting private visibility.

Paid Reviews:

Many bloggers earn good money out of the blog by going for the paid reviews. One can earn a good amount from each paid reviews that can range or $20 to $ 200 on an average. However, for the blogs that have massive traffic or the niche audience the price tag of each review can get as high as $1000! While going for the paid review you don’t have to compromise with your ethics. You should post the reviews about only those product that you have personally used and are satisfied with them. Always remember your blog can get inundated with negative comments if you post the positive reviews the produces or services that you have used personally. So it will decrease the traffic on your blog
• Sponsored reviews
• Fame bit (For YouTuber channels)
• Izea Pay per post
• Tomoson
• Revcontent


 If you look at the different posts of your blog you will realize that by combining different posts as separate chapters and tweaking the language a bit to connect different chapters you can create an informative book. Just do that and within a reasonable time, you can develop your own eBook that can be sold via the internet and bring in a good amount for income. You can either sell the book over Amazon or approach you email subscribers for the same. Publishing an ebook can enhance your revenue as well as reputation.

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