How to Increase Affiliate Sales on Black Friday as a Blogger in 2018?

Black Friday is one of the most important days for shoppers all around America because they know that all of their favorite stores will be up with new deals and discounts for them. From electronics, books, appliances, clothing, footwear and to accessories, everything is put up under amazing deals by stores selling them. Shoppers have options like Target, Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Amazon, Best Buy and so many stores to shop from.

Most of the traffic that these stores experience is through their online shopping websites because it is easy for the customers to sit in the comfort of their home and shop rather than standing lines. Some prefer that too but the internet is a huge way to promote something these days.

The bigger question is how do you make sure that these customers are well aware of these deals and know what is coming their way? The answer is promoting one’s deals through various online blogs. Bloggers can play a vital role in making sure the stores have good sales.


As for bloggers, how do they actually affiliate sales on an occasion like black Friday? Well, it is actually in the way one promotes occasions like this. All bloggers and sellers promote various products during this week but customers are concerned about only a few. Why is that? The answer is in the pointers listed below. If you are one of the bloggers, this will definitely help you.


For bloggers, it is good to add special pages on your blog which highlights the upcoming occasion like black Friday. A separate section showing all the deals and details of black Friday on various stores will definitely have a good amount of traffic from the viewers. Customers usually look for pages like this because they don’t want to go on and look for deals. Even stores have pages like this on their websites, you could simply filter a few deals that are the best of the best and help viewers focus on useful deals.

Separate blogs on various deals from various stores would also work in a good way since customers sometimes look for specific stores and have something decided in their minds. Either way, differentiating categories helps the viewers to find things easily.


See what other bloggers are doing this black Friday and lay down a strategy for yourself. Research counts a lot in something like this. Keep a track of the top bloggers in the category you wish to write in so that you know what they are doing and you can, in turn, do something different that catches eyes.

Think of a whole planned out thing and the way you will be having your pages for various deals and then go forward with writing.


The more links you have in your blog, the better SEO optimized it will be. Backlinking your blog with other good blogs and their links is what will get you on top of Google’s list of blogs. Interlink your blog with other links like of a marketer of black Friday deals. It will show authenticity as well to the viewers.

You can in fact do this on a regular basis since no one allows a random person to backlink their blog. If you are one of the regulars, it will be easy for you to do so on Black Friday.

Review well:

You could add reviews of products or stores for the customers to see and add-on hints of how the good stores will be coming up with deals. Do a rather in-depth review of the product or the store, this way the store will see how you are promoting them and the customers will see authenticity and trust.

Typically, viewers look for pages that give them some real information about products and deals rather than just an overview. Mostly overviews are there on store websites. A good and well-written review on black Friday products under sale will take you a long way.

Blogging tools

Anyone who has been blogging for a while knows the blogging tools well. Use them up to their potential and well. Good use of SEO and keywords and make you go up to the top blogs during the Black Friday season. This will help your blog get more recognized and hence the users will build an immediate trust.

Frequently what comes up is what we open, there are hardly any people who click the next button in such cases. They are looking for deals that can help them save up so for obvious reasons, they won’t be ready for too much time investment. Build a good blog backed up by keywords, if needed search in advance what keywords are trending actually.


Why should one click on the link in your blog and why should one buy the particular product that you are recommending? Having a reason for everything is what helps you good. Make sure you have an incentive for people visiting your page. Maybe a free coupon to that particular store or just a mere mention of it will help you.

Usually, if bloggers approach stores with a proposal for the good number of customers buying from their store, given they give you some coupons, the stores do give free coupons to them. This way you don’t have much investment but you get a good traffic on your blog because of the catch you have. After all, all these customers are looking for is to save a little extra and you can help them do that like this.


Following the above steps will definitely help you but don’t get over excited about anything. Keep in mind that your blog isn’t a product review blog so turning it into something like that will ruin it. If it is, then follow a different strategy and go out of the box to do things differently.

Another thing is not adding too many links in one blog, it will clearly show the viewers that you are advertising something. Be subtle about everything. Build a trust then only they will take your word for something and buy something you recommend further on. This also brings in the point that doesn’t promote something you know isn’t good. What you have used and know about well is what you should focus on.

If you know how to sell well, this shouldn’t be too hard for you. It all falls down on how well you know your viewers and how you can convince them regarding a deal. Black Friday sale 2018 is full of deals and products, promoting the ones you think have potential is your job to do as a blogger.

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