How not to Stress? Tips to Pass Exams and Interview Without Stress

Why are exams stressful and how can this stress be limited? Everyone with stage fright, the anxiety of an exam or an oral, as an actor before a shoot or a play, everyone stresses before and during an exam, but everyone does not master his stress the same way! 

Know that stress and anxiety are mastered, learn to be a little more relaxed before taking your exams, or a job interview. 

If we cannot destroy stress, we must live with it, know how to understand it in order to better master it. 

Why are exams or interviews sources of stress? 

Exams, interviews, you are often faced with moments of stress where you wonder if you will be up to the task. But first of all, why do you have to stress before exams, or to qualify for a contract of employment? Obviously, because these exams are issues in your curriculum, and also because you will be judged, rated. Similarly, for a job interview, you will be stressed especially because you know that recruiters have high requirements and you will be judged every detail, so you must be up to it and make a good impression. Not easy when you’re young and start!

These key moments of your life are emotional moments because they involve a judgment of your person and the image that you can draw from yourself … as many opportunities to be judged and measured to others by people outside that you do not know or bad. The human reflex is not to love moments of tension that involves the external gaze on your person. 

So, stress, its normal, stress comes from your desire to succeed, so it’s positive, without stress there is no desire to outdo itself! It would be abnormal not to stress! But i have seen people who take it for a long time because some people never change and that’s a problem 

How to master the stress of exams?

Have a balanced life (sleep, eat and play sports)

You must first have a healthy lifestyle. And to take care of you, to sleep well (fatigue = nervousness = stress), to have a balanced diet (vegetables, meat, fish, cereals, not too much coffee), to do sports (very good to release its tensions: the sport releases a natural hormone called endorphin having the particularity to act on the morale and to provide a feeling of well-being), or to aerate the spirit (to watch a series, a film, to see a friend, of the family ) before a busy period of examination, or even a major job interview. You must, therefore “save yourself” to put the chances of your side to have a body in full health. Similarly, relaxing allows you, of course, to approach this stage in a more serene way. 

What happens to you:

You must take a step back on the deadlines which arrive: to miss an examination will not make you a missed, you can always catch up or change lanes, there are always solutions! You are not playing your life on every exam, take the steps one after the other. So even if you think your exam is the most important of your life, you’re not Jack Bauer, and the whole planet does not depend on all your actions, relax … you’ll always have a second chance. 


The more you look confident during an interview, or about an exam, the more likely you will smile. Especially before starting an important step or an exam, you must think “positive” that is to say that you must think about the elements that have brought you something positive, value your image and not think of failures. You have to start winning and try to do your best. Failure has never been rewarding or stimulating to move forward. Instead, think of drawing from your positive experiences, resources to reassure you. 

The goal is to get out of the vicious circle of failure to failure, ie by anticipating a negative situation, it is created from scratch. 

Give yourself goals:

Step by step, exam after exam, do not look at all the exams that arrive but look at them one by one, methodically every little step seems more accessible. You will now put everything into play to be positive and move forward. To do this plan your goals, which will allow you to see more clearly in your personal steps. 

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Make a schedule, it allows you to be organized: plan your revisions or prepare your interview by inquiring about the company that receives you, the codes in force in this sector of activity etc. 

After all, you have done your best and now wait for the result, you can check you AIOU all results here with one click.


Having slept well, you have the potato, the smile … the Baraka! (the blessing of the gods of the examination) … From the breakfast, fill the batteries with vitamins (orange juice, fruits …), eat still balanced (cereals, ham), but especially do not do not overhaul (up to 2 hours before the exam … otherwise everything gets mixed up and you will panic for nothing). Prepare your things (pens, calculator, 18 colors) if necessary, bring water, handkerchiefs, chocolate … and you’re a lucky t-shirt! Smile … you will succeed! 

For an interview, imagine yourself instead of the recruiter, also the stress of meeting you and being up to perform the interview.

Those around you

Certainly, your parents or relatives can actually put some pressure on you before you pass your exams or have an interview. Learn to reassure them especially, they are anxious for you, it’s also human, you have to do with … do not cut every bridge with everyone … you need an outside look, advice could be wise, but do not listen to 100% what you are told, know how to compose.

Tip # 1 – Study on a regular basis.

Do yourself a schedule. Do not leave for the last minute and use your valuable time to make your self-growing.

Tip # 2 – Give yourself small rewards

Give yourself small rewards for accomplishing exactly what was bothering you (or when you have reached intermediate levels) enjoy yourself because if you are perpetually forcing yourself to study you will come to nothing at all.

When we do not agree to do something, we lose time motivating ourselves (with extra stress) while giving ourselves a small reward is still the best self-motivation.

Tip # 3 – Stop telling yourself that you will not succeed

Stop telling yourself that you will not succeed and that in any case there are many called and few elected. With reasoning like that, you have every chance of achieving your goals, that is, to miss your exam.

Tip # 4 – Sleep Well

The stress attacks the immune defenses and if you are in lack of sleep you will be more vulnerable to the stress because the ground will be favorable so force you to sleep a minimum of 7 hours / night to see more if you are a big sleeper. That is why you have to stop thinking about it for better health in exam.

Tip # 5 – Power Up Well

Feed yourself well otherwise you will be more vulnerable to stress.

Tip # 6 – Act as if you had already obtained your exam or diploma by visualizing this achievement.
Visualize yourself radiant, happy to have reached your goal, live these moments by relying on all your senses. You hear the voices that congratulate you, you see yourself in front of the panels of results, you feel crazy / mad with joy and you really feel it in your body.

Live these moments of joy intensely, without restraint. Do this exercise every time you have 5 minutes in front of you.

All high-level athletes practice visualization because the brain cannot tell the difference between the real practice of the sport and the visualized practice of the sport, so trust me again, use and abuse this technique you will not regret it but the visualization does not replace the study.

If you have not worked during the year you will be able to visualize every day until the fateful date it will not advance you to anything.

I’m telling you this because a friend of my son who was in law school and did not do anything all year long said to me after the exam: “But I do not understand, I did everything you told me “and I answered” and you had studied? I’ll let you guess the answer
Conclusion: All these tips have been proven so go ahead, take some time for all to “digest” and practice, practice, practice.

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