BBDU – Offering the Best B.Tech And LLB College in Lucknow

BBDU is one of the most popular universities of India situated at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It has the best B.Tech College in Lucknow as well as the best LLB College in Lucknow.  Since 2010, BBDU has set up a benchmark in providing quality education to its students. Being one of the leading universities of India, it provides education in different levels like graduation, post-graduation, doctoral and many certification programs. In each level, it has various courses like Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, Hotel Management, Pharmacy and many more.

Some Facts About the Best College in Lucknow: 

Looking for the best College in Lucknow? Then you are in the right place. As B.Tech is considered the most popular and trending course and opted by maximum students to pursue a bright career, BBDU comes up with the best College in Lucknow providing the state of art technical education to its students. In B.Tech, BBDU has five departments like Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, and Civil where the students are guided by the most skilled and experienced professors. They prepare the students to see them placed in the finest companies in the world.
Going into details, the School of Engineering is the best College in Lucknow. The total duration of the course is 4 years for regular and 3 years for lateral entry. For your information, the course is a full-time course, here it doesn’t allow for distance. The new session is going to start in August. To get admission in this college, you need to clear the basic qualifications or requirement. To qualify for the admission, one needs to have a minimum aggregate of 50% or the equivalent of 10+2. The next important qualifying category is one must have the subjects Physics and Mathematics, this is compulsory. Along with it, one needs to have either Computer Science or Chemistry, any of the two is acceptable. Those who want to know about the Reservation system, for them, reservation is as per UGC or state government norms. The most amazing thing about this college is, after providing all kinds of high-grade teaching, best campuses and placements, the program fee is just Rs. 60000 per semester which makes it the best College in Lucknow.
This college is known for its astounding campus opportunities for their students. Many multinational companies come for the campus in this college which returns with a huge number of students in their list. Apart from the hi-tech education facilities, this college has its fame for conducting best annual events like annual fest, annual sports, seminars, and many more where they invite respected delegates of the industry.

Let’s Look At What the Best LLB College in Lucknow is All About:

Not only B.Tech, but BBDU also have the best LLB College in Lucknow where they provide an excellent education to its students. Here, the students are made involved in different theoretical and practical sessions where they get a complete idea on how to master themselves in their professions. Having the vision to see its students work phenomenally in their respective fields as lawyers to create a better India, they equip the students with all necessary skills and knowledge which will make them stand alone. The students here are provided with the best-in-class professors and mentors with advanced teaching methodologies.
The name of the best LLB College in Lucknow is the School of Legal Studies. It was established in the year 2010 and since then it has produced many successful lawyers those who have made their name and fame in their respective fields. Talking about the details of this course, it has a duration of 5 years and it is a full-time course, no distance facility is available. The new session of the course is starting in August this year. The basic qualifying criteria for this course is you need to have a minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent. If you have a good CLAT score, then it’s an advantage for you but it’s not mandatory. Here, the reservation system is based on UGC, BCI, and state government norms. The program fee for this course is Rs.70000 per annum which is quite amazing. Being the best LLB College in Lucknow, it never compromises with the quality of the education and the fee structure that they offer is considered to be very minimal when compared with their education standard.

So do you want to pursue your career in LLB and looking for the best LLB College in Lucknow? Then you are lucky that you are reading this article. Always go for something that you deserve, no need to compromise and this is the right place for that.

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