7 Famous Kabir’s Dohe with their meanings

have been blessed with many great poets and novelists from the past many
centuries and they have defined the way we see our culture today. One such
eminent poet was Saint Kabir who is known for his amazing poems and couplets.
With the help of his poems, couplets and verses, he has enriched the literature
and culture and tried to give the right direction to the people. The poems and
rhymes of Kabir are popular in many parts of the world and they are used as
examples to teach people to be on the right track and follow the path of truth.

you will search about Kabir Dohe on the internet, you will find Kabir ke dohe
in Hindi
. In this blog, we are providing the best rhymes of Kabir and their
meaning in English. Here are some of the best Kabir Dohe that are full of

1) Doha 1

Bura jo dekhan main chalya, bura na
milya koi. Jo mann khoja apna, toh mujhse bura na koi
The meaning of this rhyme is that whenever I try to find out any flaws in the
world, I fail to find any. However, whenever I introspected myself and searched
deep inside myself, I found that I am the most imperfect person in this world
and is full of flaws. Means that every person seeks mistakes in someone else
while avoids his own mistakes. The real meaning behind this rhyme is that
before pointing out anyone in this world for their mistakes, we should work on
ourselves and rectify our mistakes.

2) Doha 2

Jaati na pucho Saadhu ki, puch
lijiye gyan. Mol kro tarwaar ka, pada rehne do myaan
In this rhyme, Kabir says one should never question the caste of any monk,
sage, wise or any humble person. One should always take the good value and
learnings from these good men. Also, their religion and caste are of no use to
you. It is similar to a sword that carries all the strength, will and
sharpness, not the sheath in which it is kept.

3) Doha 3

Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so
ab. Kal ko Pralay hoegi, bahuri karega kab
In this rhyme, Saint Kabir says that a person should complete all his tasks
today itself which have been scheduled for tomorrow and should wrap up all
today’s work at the earliest. The reason behind this is that anything can
happen at any moment of time and things can change drastically within a few
seconds. Hence, no one should wait for the future as the present time is the
best time to do anything.

4) Doha 4

Tu Tu karu to nikat hai, door door
karu ho jaye, Jyon guru raakhein tyon rahien, jo deve so khaaye
In this rhyme, Saint Kabir tells about a student and his mentor. He says that
in whatever way your mentor treats you, you should oblige accordingly. If he
calls you with love, you should go closer to him. If he scolds you and sends
you away, you should move away. Whatever he gives you to eat, you should eat
it. These all are the characteristics of an obedient student. It means that
whatever your mentor is doing for you, there is a hidden benefit for you.
Hence, even if you find something wrong, still you have to obey it and follow
the path as told by your mentor.

5) Doha 5

Durlabh maanush janm hai, deh na
baarambaar. Taruvar jyon patta jhadien, bahuri na laage daar”
Kabir is telling the importance of human birth through this rhyme. Saint Kabir
tells that whenever a leaf falls from the tree, it cannot be attached with the
tree again. In a similar way, it is highly destined to get a human life and it
is not possible to born as a human in every birth. Hence it should be utilized
in the most optimized way. This couplet was given by Saint Kabir to tell the
usefulness of the human body. Because it is only the human body using which
someone can do good deeds, he can be kind and do good things for society,

6) Doha 6

Kabir Khada Bazaar Mein, Maange
Sabki Khair. Naa Kaahu se Dosti, Naa Kaahu se Bair”.
Saint Kabir gives the message to everyone that each person should focus on
their work and always think about the betterment of every individual. In this a world full of competition, Saint Kabir prays for the betterment of everyone and
if you are not becoming a friend of someone, then you should not become an the enemy as well.

7) Doha 7

Chinta aisi Daakini, kaat kaleja
khaaye. Vaid bichara kya kare, kahan tak dawa lgaye”.
The meaning of this rhyming is similar to that witch that consumes your body
slowly. It gives rise to several other diseases and makes the body sick. No a doctor can help you to find a cure of this and no medicine can help in healing
from the sufferings because of tension.
are some of the best Kabir ke Dohe in Hindi that are very popular and are full of wisdom. May these
words inspire you and you find the real meaning of your life and follow the
path of truth and kindness.

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