6 Best Spam Backlink Checker Tools for SEO

Backlink Checker Tools:

Backlink checker apparatuses can assist you with being mindful of the connections to your site and approaches to enhance them. Here are ten incredible devices that can help enhance SEO rankings.

1. MOZ

Moz is a backlink checker instrument that can enable you to discover chances to manufacture joins, break interfaces that can be harming to your business, and help you to comprehend what backlinks are out there for your site. Moz starts with a broad connection profile examination that indicates what is working and what is harming. By making sense of what backlinks are associated with your site, it can likewise make sense of if the connections are advantageous or harming your SEO positioning.
Connections that are identified with spam destinations may hurt your positioning. Moz’s backlink look into apparatus can help with gathering all you have to think about your site and it’s backlinking to enable a business to stay aware of the opposition.


Screen Backlinks is a free apparatus that enables you to make sense of what are the best backlinks associated with space. At the point when the report returns, the backlinks are arranged from most grounded to weakest, which is extremely useful data. Just by reordering a URL into the content box, the report will be created.

3. Search engine optimization REVIEW TOOLS

Search engine optimization Review Tools can be valuable for all your SEO following needs. It additionally has a component that can assist you in checking up on the backlinks that are associated with your site. The free instrument is easy to use for pretty much anybody. You will approach backlink profiles of pretty much any website on the web. This implies it is anything but difficult to pursue the profile of your opposition. By approaching this data, it will make sense of what should be done to enhance SEO positioning for your site. At the point when the URL you’d get a kick out of the chance to turn upward is gone into the content box, the main 100 backlinks will be recorded.


SEM Rush has a wide range of highlights that can be useful in advertising a site in a most effective manner. By utilizing its backlink reviewing highlight, you will have the capacity to comprehend what joins are out there for your site, what can be enhanced, and what different open doors there are to acquire extra connections. The investigation that will be run is top to bottom and careful so you will know precisely what is new with all the backlinks associated with a site. An extraordinary component is that it will assist you with understanding and investigate the alluding space’s position, which can greatly affect positioning.

5. Superb

Superb is an incredible backlink checker apparatus that can assist you in monitoring what is going on with your backlinks every single day. You’ll have the capacity to make sense of what your opposition is doing as such you can stay aware of them. You won’t simply get a harsh thought regarding the connections you have, however, you will get an exceptional point by point and careful report. Magnificent is known as the biggest database with regards to Link Intelligence. It additionally has an element that will enable you to comprehend what joins have been found previously, regardless of whether they have been broken or erased as of now. This can be useful in understanding why joins have been included or erased and regardless of whether they assisted with positioning.


Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a showcasing administrator who is helping customers to comprehend their own connection profiles, Linkody is an incredible apparatus. There are likewise numerous measurements, which can be useful in breaking down your profile with respect to what is going admirably and what can be progressed. 

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