10 Tips for Management Statement of Purpose while Applying for MS in Management

A statement of purpose usually is not given as much importance as it deserves. However, it is an essential part of any student or professional’s life. It offers a platform to express yourself as an individual away from regular exams.

It is not an easy thing to write an excellent essay, say a management statement of purpose; however, the following tips will ensure you have a smooth sail when writing your SOP.

1. Follow the given guidelines:

It would help if you showed the admissions committee your ability to work with the stipulated guidelines. Work within the given word limit. It does not mean that you should not reveal your flair in your writing.

Find a balance between working within the stipulated guidelines and showcasing your originality.

2. Have the audience in mind:

As you write your SOP for your masters, always remember that you are not the only applicant; you should avoid derailing from the topic and giving too much irrelevant information.

To be successful, only give the required information.

3. Demonstrate the interest you have in the institution:

For you to stand out among all the other applicants, you should show genuine interest in the college or university. Conduct adequate research on every institution you apply. No two institutions are the same hence no statement of purpose can be used for two institutions.

You should, however, guard against flattery; your interest should be genuine.

4. Draft your work:

Writing a draft is the key to any successful statement of purpose. For example, when writing your business statement of purpose, you should write several rough copies before handing in the final one.

A draft allows you the opportunity to craft your SOP to your liking.

5. Choose your angle carefully:

As you write an SOP, you aim to outshine all the other applicants. You want to outline your story in a new way unique from any other. Thus you should find the perfect flow that will work for you.

Be careful not to give more than as is needed, as this is an official document.

6. Write your SOP in parts:

If you are unable to find what you want to write in your sop for MBA, try and write down the points you have in parts. You will realize that as you go on your SOP will slowly materialize.

7. Be clear and concise:

Be straightforward in your SOP. Avoid using vague statements and say what you mean. Using too many stories will make the selection committee rather bored of your SOP.

8. Revise:

There is nothing that puts off a panelist more than an essay with many minor errors. Ensure you read and reread your work before submitting it. An SOP with little mistakes will tell the panelists that you pay attention to detail.

9. Be honest:

Even if you are tempted to colour your SOP, be truthful in your writing as lies get picked up quickly up this will reduce your chances of admission. 

10. Have someone review your SOP:

A second opinion will offer you a better perspective on how the panelists shall perceive your essay. Take the bold step and seek a second opinion.

The above will surely help your SOP stand out among all the rest.

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