Know the Best Way to Prepare for RPSC

Rajasthan Public Service Commission [RPSC] is an organization that
takes care of RAS/RTS for the recruitment in RAS,
RPS, RTS and Rajasthan Sub-ordinate Services.
Many candidates are always
looking to take this exam right from young students to SBI clerks and other employees.

People from various categories
from the region of Rajasthan can apply for RPSC Exam. There is a chance for SBI
employees also to apply for this exam like
SBI Clerks
, IBPS employees, etc. The exam consists of four papers in total.
The papers will be descriptive in nature and will consist of short, medium and
long answers. Once the candidates have decided that they want to take up the
exam then the next question that pops up in their mind is ‘What is the right
way to prepare?’ The applicants can follow a few steps to make their
preparation more effective and save time by preparing the right way. These are
a few steps the applicants can take up to be more efficient during the
preparation process:
1)    Make a Schedule – The applicants must
make a comprehensive schedule that helps them lay out all the topics they must
study and cover. After knowing all the topics to be covered, they must divide
their daily schedule into finishing the topics.
2)    Attempt online mock tests – Attempt
online tests that give you a better idea about how you must manage your time
for different parts of the exam. If you do well in your tests then it will
boost your confidence and if you don’t then it will show you the places that
you can improve in.
Make Notes
Many candidates do not have enough time to revise all the topics before the RPSC exam. Making concise notes can be
a very effective way to revise all the topics before the exam.
4)    Current Affairs – Reading newspapers
and magazines helps you keep in touch with the current affairs of our country.
The exam also focuses on asking questions about the current affairs of our country.
Study about the history, geography, culture, languages, fairs and festivals of
5)    Don’t Omit – The questions can be asked
from any parts of the chapters so it’s crucial to not skip any part of the
chapter. Although going through the past year question papers will help you get
a better idea about the important topics, it is still not advised to skip the
remaining topics.
6)    Practice – As we all know, ‘Practice
Makes Perfect’. Redo the question papers and make yourself very familiar with
the format of the test. The more mock tests you go through, the stronger our
grasp on the subject becomes.
7)    Government Schemes – Study all the
Rajasthan state government schemes and make yourself familiar with them. These
have a high chance of coming up in exams. After being familiar with the
Rajasthan state government plans, study the central government schemes as
8)    Presentation – While writing the paper,
make sure you write in a neat way by answering the questions in points and give
spacing between different answers. The key points in the answers should be
underlined in order to help the evaluator notice the key points with ease.
There are many government exams
which you can apply for with these preparation strategies like SBI Clerk, SBI PO, NABARD

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