Day: October 11, 2018

Tour & Travels

Mountain Monsoon Drives from Bangalore – Self Drive Adventures

There is something uniquely alluring about mountains in the monsoon. Heading out of the city into these verdant lands is always a delightful affair, even more so in a self driven car, without the presence of a chauffeur. For those who love to get behind the wheel, here are some top monsoon escapades from Bangalore. Also Read: Exciting […]

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Health & Fitness Pet Care

How to Care for Your Horse during Extreme Hot Weathers

Hot weather poses an increased risk for horses as like sustaining infectious diseases to dehydration. It is essential to ensure extra care to your horses during hot weather conditions to keep them healthy and active. Quick tips are: Provide enough shade and ensure adequate airflow. Ensure free access to clean water. Avoid riding much. Sponge […]

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